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  • 2009 CaesarStone National Dream Design Contest Winner


The kitchen in this newly constructed home is composed of two horizontal masses strategically staggered to create open spaces that are both useful and aesthetically interesting. Organic White CaesarStone was used with a thicker edge to emphasize the horizontal line of the bridge shaped countertop peninsula with a single leg anchored to structure as an architectural feature. Dark mahogany cabinets, Organic White CaesarStone countertops and vibrant textured metallic tiles create a strong and sophisticated contrast to the monochromatic color palette. Running horizontally through the space, rich hardwood floors work to balance the rectangular shape of the loft, and run parallel with the linear, horizontal layout of the cabinetry and large Organic White CaesarStone peninsula. Highly modern and unique hardware, fixtures, and appliances bring the space to life, including gleaming island pendants, a futuristic faucet, and an abstract paneled hood angling out from the wall.

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2009_Caesarstone_DreamDesign_After1 2009_Caesarstone_DreamDesign_After2

From the kitchen, the view into the surrounding spaces is unobstructed and seems to blend in seamlessly, but the easily accessible appliances set in the lower cabinetry complete the successful entertaining area for the modern and sophisticated lifestyle.