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Award Winners Before and After

2009_Coty_Residential Bathroom_60_Main_New

This project has won the following awards:

  • 2009 CotY Residential Bathroom Over $60,000


This master bathroom beckons the homeowners with the promise of a luxurious spa-like experience. Against a creamy, restful background, the oversize tub and shower are accented with artful stripes of tile designed to give the appearance of fabric. The custom raised flower mural adds an element of lush, interesting texture.

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2009_Coty_Residential Bathroom_60_OnlyAfter

The expansive vanity area with pearl-tone cabinetry allows for ample storage and a clutter-free environment. Swirls of golden color in the marble countertops are illuminated by a trio of silver pendant lights that transform to a vibrant red organic pattern when in use.