Award Winning Home Design

Award Winners Before and After


This project has won the following awards:

  • 2009 NKBA Star Awards First Place Small Bathroom


Each wall in the bathroom of this home, which JDR built from the ground up, presents a definitive expression of design strategy, employing distinctive materials and sophisticated aesthetics to meet the challenge of balancing high-end luxury with minimalist principles. As the guest bath in an ultra-modern home, the room embodies elements of indulgence and escape, while remaining true to uncomplicated form in design. Upon entry, the transition between the leather-like vanity wall tile and polished natural stone emphasizes the inherent beauty of both materials. The textured vanity wall brings tranquility to the space, while the surrounding wall tiles add refined swirls of gray. Niches in varying sizes intensify visual interest with appealing glass mosaics that sparkle in a geometric grid of earthy colors. A pop-out in the corner of the room keeps the cabinetry and shower in proportion. Its mass is balanced with dramatically deep niches that allow open storage for towels, and modern accessories that personalize the space within the shower.

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2009_NKBA_1stPlace_SmallBathroom_After1 2009_NKBA_1stPlace_SmallBathroom_After2

A white quartz countertop makes a bold contrast to the dark tone of the frameless cabinetry. Chrome hardware and shower fixtures in linear and abstract designs add a touch of glamour throughout the space without detracting from the simplicity of the overall design. A tinted mirror brings depth to the vanity wall, framed by two simple pendants for symmetry and definition.


A subtle, deep gray flooring choice is the dark neutral necessary to unite the variety of unique materials in this sophisticated room. The result is a tranquil interpretation of polished modern design.