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  • 2010 CotY Residential Bathroom $30,000 to 60,000


The clients for this bathroom were a couple with a difference in age of about 25 years. Their needs and desires were distinct. The husband, approaching 90, needed the safety features inherent in universal design. The wife wanted to accommodate her husband's needs, along with her own in the future, while also having a luxurious space where she could retreat and enjoy their fireplace and garden.

We blended the differing needs of the clients by starting with an outline of luxury, and then finding innovative ways to introduce universal design elements. This tranquil and refreshing space beautifully achieves its dual purpose of relaxing sanctuary and universal access.

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2010_Coty_ResidentialBathroom_30 to 60_Before1 2010_Coty_ResidentialBathroom_30 to 60_After1

Fixtures were chosen to be easy to reach and clean, while complimenting the overall design. A curveless continuous floor into the shower allows for ease of use. The shower has ample room for a wheelchair and an assistant, and includes a seating area and grab bars.

2010_Coty_ResidentialBathroom_30 to 60_Before2 2010_Coty_ResidentialBathroom_30 to 60_After2

The bathtub was chosen specifically to give the wife a luxurious spot to retreat and enjoy the glow from the fireplace and the garden view. The sleek modern design of the tub is complemented by simple, elegant fixtures. Surrounding pebble inlay outlines the area in a rug-like pattern. The additional texture from the stone is not only attractive, it also provides safety when exiting the tub.