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  • 2010 CotY Residential Interior Specialty


This one-of-a-kind stairway design was part of a whole home remodel. The clients were transitioning from a traditional environment to a more contemporary aesthetic.

A key desire of the clients was space specifically designed to showcase and complement their art collection. It was important to the clients that their home be unique and creative, while retaining an open flow throughout.

We were inspired by the clients' needs and desires to design an open stairway, framed by a meticulously hand-crafted steel handrail featuring supple organic lines. Light flows through the space and allows artwork to be viewed from different levels.

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Our custom-welded hand rail system was meticulously designed as a one-of-a kind piece both to meet code and to add stunning visual appeal. Carpeting satisfied the clients' need for safety and noise reduction, along with their desire for a definition between public and private space.