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  • 2010 Master Design Bronze Award for Kitchen $50,000-$100,000
  • 2010 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2nd Place (Kitchen)
  • 2010 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 3rd Place (Specialty Design)
  • 2010 National Chrysalis Award for Residential Universal Design
  • 2010 CotY Residential Universal Design
  • 2010 San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles 2010 Best Kitchen


The clients for this remodel were a young couple with three children. The husband has been in a wheelchair for most of his life. When they moved into the home, the family appreciated its size and its location, which offers a spectacular view, but many of the house's features were inconvenient for the husband and interfered with his everyday life. Because the family plans to live in their house for many years to come, they decided to take the steps necessary to make the surroundings more accessible, while also adding to the beauty and livability of their space.

The existing kitchen was dark, dated and cumbersome. The clients wanted a fresh modern look with enhanced usability and appeal. At its standard 36" height, the bar seating at the island was unusable for the husband, and the kitchen's overall layout prevented easy entry and maneuvering of a wheelchair. We lowered the bar to a standard table height and designed seating for the entire family, including areas at either end which easily accommodate a wheelchair. The new layout was carefully designed with passageways that ensure easy entry, exit and maneuvering of a wheelchair. A modern aesthetic was achieved with a crisp color palette, bold textural elements, and rigorously clean lines.

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2010_MDA_BronzeKitchen_Before1 2010_MDA_BronzeKitchen_After1

The new cabinetry features a number of organizing features at an easily accessible level, including a blind corner pull-out containing dishes and other dining essentials. Oversized plate and silverware organizers prevent contents from moving around in the drawers.

2010_MDA_BronzeKitchen_Before2 2010_MDA_BronzeKitchen_After2

A carefully considered fusion of textures and materials adds individual character to this contemporary kitchen. For pronounced detail, the granite slab island, in sensuous swirls of white and gray, was designed with a thickened edge of 2-1/2". The island is supported by white Shaker-style cabinetry, in balanced contrast to the perimeter's mahogany cabinets. The unusual double column hood above the stove was custom-made to perfectly inhabit its modern surroundings, and is highly functional, with bright task lighting and exhaust fans easily controlled by a remote switch.