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This project has won the following awards:

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  • 2010 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 3rd Place (Kitchen)
  • 2010 CotY Residential Kitchen $125,000 & Over
  • 2010 CotY Regional Historic Renovation
  • 2009 CotY Local Historical Renovation


The family living in this house listed on the San Diego Historical Registry of Homes wanted to experience modern convenience and more space for living and entertaining, while retaining their home's design integrity and original charm. Our meticulously researched and executed remodel added 500 sq. ft. to the first floor, 500 sq. ft. to the second floor, and 250 sq. ft. to the basement, significantly enhancing livability for our clients and adhering to historical design accuracy throughout the interior and exterior. We approached this project by carefully studying the architectural and structural details of the home, and by conducting extensive research into the period when the home was built. Every detail of the remodel was designed to meet the strict requirements of the Mills Act for remodeling historical homes.

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On the first floor, the kitchen almost doubled in size, meeting the clients' desire for more space and creating a grand room better suited to the stature of this impressive home, which was approximately 9,000 sq. ft. before the remodel. Circulation is substantially improved, and light and energy now flow through the space with ease.


On the second floor, a master bathroom and laundry room complete a stately new master suite. Substantial furniture-grade cherry cabinetry makes a bold statement, balanced by the supple flowing lines of the elegant marble countertops. The crisp white hexagon floor tiles were chosen for their sophisticated reflection of the home's period style.