2011 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchen $40,000 - $80,000

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This project has won the following awards:

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  • 2011 Master Design Gold Award for Kitchens $40,000 - $100,000
  • 2011 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 3rd Place (Kitchen)
  • 2011 Regional Chrysalis Award for Kitchens $50,000 - $75,000
  • 2011 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchens $40,000 - $80,000


This beach condo is a weekend getaway for a couple who wanted a more modern, appealing kitchen. The husband, an avid body surfer, needed an environment that would better accommodate his arrival home from the beach in a wet suit. In such a small space, the design approach needed to be focused and innovative. Space planning was essential to the layout's success. Appliances were selected at smaller scales than usual; cabinetry was kept as spare as possible. Koneto vinyl flooring, remarkably close in appearance to hardwood, allows the husband to walk with wet feet in the home without worrying about slipping or damage. Inspiration for the appealing color palette was derived from a painting by one of the clients' favorite artists. The design achieves a modern California mood, in line with the condo's role as a getaway destination. The homeowners' uncomplicated lifestyle finds vibrant expression in their new kitchen.

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2011_Coty_Residential Kitchen_40 to 80_Before1

The original kitchen reflects the design style of previous decades. Appliances were dated and clunky. Poor space organization made even the minimal cooking and prep required of a getaway home's kitchen difficult.

2011 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchens $40,000-$80,000

The back wall was designed as one continuous expanse to lend visual unity to the space. The dual strips of glass tile with matte finish were patterned to resemble irregular cobblestone, inspired by one of the couple's favorite pieces of art.

2011_Coty_Residential Kitchen_40 to 80_After3and4

The new island in the kitchen welcomes guests into a warm environment filled with color and energy. The island countertop is composed of a manmade material with tiny sparkles of glass, evocative of the tiny pebbles on a sandy shore. Once seated at the bar, a guest can chat with the cook, talk about the size of the day's waves, or watch the television mounted on the kitchen's wall.