2012 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchen $40,000 - $80,000

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  • 2012 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchen $40,000-$80,000


This bold kitchen delights the eye with vivid blue details and warm wood tones while honoring the vision of the local architect who built the original home in 1952. The homeowners are a professional couple, empty nesters looking to bring some new vitality to their environment. Inspired by imaginative design, the clients were clear about making a design statement, not just getting a kitchen "makeover." The existing home was designed by architect Loch Crane and the clients have loved their house since they bought it in 1992. They wanted a more functional and modern kitchen that would both honor and enhance the surrounding environment. The kitchen is the first room seen upon entering the home and its visual appeal is integral to a visitor's experience. The clients love to entertain and often have overnight guests. The home's location in a coastal community near the San Diego Yacht club and the husband's boating hobby inspired a nautical spirit and open, light-filled layout in the kitchen design.

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The existing layout lacked storage and the kitchen was not defined well in the space. Counter space was at a minimum in the original kitchen, making tasks before, during and after meal time more of a chore.

2012_Coty_Residential Kitchen_40 to 80_After1

After removing a wall, the entire kitchen area was streamlined to create an efficient triangle work space, ideal for clients who love to entertain large groups. The new cabinetry is clean and functional with a minimum of hardware and an emphasis on aligning with the organic feeling of the original home.

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The back of the island facing the dining table was created from pool tile in "sea gear" blue, green, and a touch of gold and black. The colorful abstract effect evokes lilies floating on water and is a conversation piece whenever guests gather at the table.