2015 National Chrysalis Award for Bath $75,000-$100,000

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NKBA best award for best bath

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  • 2015 National NKBA 3rd Place Best Large Bath
  • 2015 National Chrysalis Award for Bath $75,000-$100,000
  • 2014 Master Design Gold Award for Master Bathroom


This master bathroom blends elements of daring modern style with mid-century touches that bring bright energy and character to the space. The clients are a young couple with an appreciation for design and art. They wanted a master bathroom that would work as a luxurious and inspiring space for them while also being a safe and comfortable place for their toddler's bath time. It was important that they be able to comfortably share the space with each other with varying levels of privacy. In a home with an emphasis on bold hues, the clients wanted to stay away from neutrals and embrace the energy of powerful color combinations.

The light in the room is accentuated by a wall of windows and the bright lemon yellow of the oversized wall tiles. The tiles alternate between a glossy and matte finish, creating an intriguing sensation of depth. A periwinkle blue vanity is an imaginative contrasting color, illuminated by sparkling pendants of textured hand-blown glass. The wood flooring in the sink area transitions to a sloped floor to accommodate the open shower, where the textured wall and a series of niches delight the eye while providing practical functionality in this sumptuous oasis alive with color.

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2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - Before 1

The original bathroom was a series of busy and cluttered spaces with no organization and little natural light or personality.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - After 1

The streamlined new layout vastly improves the natural light in the room. Shoji-style doors provide privacy as desired without diminishing the light and airy feeling of the room.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - Before 2

The existing bathroom was a confusion of various materials and textures, including a carpet in one area.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - After 2

A row of hand-blown glass pendants above the vanity in the new design adds artful illumination to the vanity area, where periwinkle, charcoal and lemon yellow meet in a daring contrast of color.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - Before 3

The existing bath and shower were basic and unmemorable, lacking in both function and style.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - After 3

The decision to use an open shower immediately establishes a modern, luxurious mood in this master bathroom. The sensuous wall of texture is reminiscent of mid-century patterns.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - Before 4

The original tub was small and recessed into the floor, making it difficult to use for a couple with a toddler.

2015 NKBA 3rd place Best large bath - After 4

The free-standing tub is both practical and stylish. The clean, smooth edges make it safer for the clients' daughter to take baths in, while the generous size, thoughtfully placed shelf and orientation toward the light-filled wall of windows make it a luxurious retreat for the parents.