2012 Regional CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchen $80,001 - $120,000

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  • 2012 Regional CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchen $80,001 - $120,000


A retired couple with grandchildren and a shared love for art, our clients live in an architect-designed home that had one missing element - a kitchen to express their personal style and suit their needs today. While improved function was certainly desirable, the aesthetics of the room were more important to our clients. They wanted a kitchen full of light and life. Throughout the rest of the home, white walls act as a canvas for the couple's lifelong collection of art. In the kitchen, we encouraged the use of color and introduced materials and textures with layers of visual appeal. The space was designed with careful attention to balance and symmetry. Appliances are rigorously flush with the cabinetry, contributing to the feeling of a clean and open space. An organically shaped custom-designed light fixture makes a dramatic statement in the center of the room, setting the stage for the artwork displayed throughout the kitchen.

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2012 CotY Residential Kitchens 80-120_Before1

Bland and outdated, the existing kitchen did little to welcome visitors or convey the personality of the homeowners.

2012 CotY Residential Kitchens 80-120_After1

Warm and inviting, the new kitchen design expresses the clients love for art and their desire for a space filled with light and life. The exquisite design stands on its own while bringing a new sense of continuity to the artistic home.

2012 CotY Residential Kitchens 80-120_Before2

The old kitchen design was cluttered with appliances that had no natural home and could only be placed on the countertop.

2012 CotY Residential Kitchens 80-120_After2

The work area of the new kitchen design is streamlined and highly functional, eliminating clutter and allowing for easy prep, cooking and cleanup. The sink is made from sil granite, which looks like stainless steel but is much easier to maintain.

2012 CotY Residential Kitchens 80-120_After3

Shelving was designed to highlight a rotating private gallery where the couple now displays their favorite works of art and treasured objects.