Jackson Design & Remodeling Wins National Chrysalis Award: Rustic-Modern Kitchen Remodel Named Best in the Nation

Award Winners Before and After

2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens 75 to 100 main

This project has won the following awards:

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  • 2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens $75,000-$100,000
  • 2012 CotY (Contractor of the Year) Award for Residential Kitchens $80,000-$120,000


This kitchen's imaginative rustic modern perspective was achieved by blending natural elements, such as the warm and authentic texture of the island's reclaimed wood backdrop, with clean lines, neutral colors and an open floor plan. Our clients had just purchased their home near La Jolla and moved in with their rambunctious and beloved dog, Peanut. They needed a new kitchen design better adapted to their lifestyle and more expressive of their personal styles. As active members of their church community, the couple often invite large groups of people into their home. They wanted a welcoming, open kitchen space that would accommodate large groups comfortably, yet still feel like "home" without company. Our designers created structural and visual solutions throughout the expansive new space.

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2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens 75 to 100_Before1

The existing kitchen was outdated and bland. The space was lacking in both square footage and personality.

2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens 75 to 100 After2

The expansive new kitchen embraces an alliance of rustic and modern sensibilities. Warm wood tones throughout act as an earthy foundation in the spacious, light filled room. Wood vinyl flooring is the ideal choice for a home with an active pet.

2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens 75 to 100_After3

A whimsical chalkboard (created with chalkboard paint and a frame) is a creative space for the wife to express her artistic side. From every perspective in the kitchen, the delightful play of natural wood and light is evident.

2012 National Chrysalis Award for Kitchens 75 to 100_After1

A pantry wall in the old kitchen was removed to gain more space. The ceiling was opened up and beams were left exposed. An industrial-style lighting fixture over the dining table and the brushed metal chairs reflect a modern mood.