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Honor Your Labor with a Stylish Home Office in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 28th, 2013
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1185610_10151892994973336_2127104037_nWhen you have work to do at home, it helps to have an organized space optimized for creativity and concentration. A functional and appealing home office is an essential element of many of the whole home remodels completed by our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Most of us have work to do at home, whether it’s brought back from the office, work we do as part of our own business, or absorbing side projects. Here are some considerations for creating a home office as part of your whole home remodel:

Make Your Work Space Work
Space planning is of the essence. Avoid cramping your “office” into a small corner of the kitchen or living area. If you have significant work to do at home, give yourself significant space to do it in. A professional designer has the space planning expertise to help you find extra space you may not see.

What Are You Doing All Day?
If most of your work time is spent on the computer, the first thing you will want to do is find the right place for your monitor. Think about how you like to work. Do you like to have a view or do you prefer to limit distractions? This will affect your workstation layout. If your work involves the occasional client visit, seating is also a priority. Organized file and supply storage helps with daily efficiency and helps your workspace feel welcoming and uncluttered.

Don’t Make Your Space All Work and No Play
Give your space personality! The layout and décor should be an expression of what makes you feel happy and productive. An office (shown above) in the garage space of a beachside whole home remodel we recently completed uses a wall of custom printed wallpaper depicting an edgy urban vibe as a defining design element.

If you love what you do you are lucky; if you love where you do it, you are even luckier! A home office in your whole home remodel can bring a renewed sense of energy and purpose to your work.

Back to School! Make A’s Easy in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 20th, 2013
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PecsarAIf you have kids going back to school this week, you are no doubt familiar with the joys and challenges of the nightly homework routine. A thoughtfully designed whole home remodel is about creating an environment that works for your lifestyle today. As children grow older, homework demands grow along with them and it is important to have a space where kids can concentrate and have interaction with their parents at the same time.

After owning their 40-year old home in Old Del Mar, California, for more than 15 years, our clients found themselves in an environment that no longer suited their lifestyle. Their children had grown from babies to teenagers, while their parents had aged and were coming to stay for longer visits. After conducting careful research and coming to the conclusion that a whole home remodel made more sense than moving to a new home, our clients started the design build process for their whole home, including a new kitchen.

PecsarKitchen2With family togetherness central to the clients’ values, the new kitchen was designed to be open to the remodeled great room and adjacent family room. The unusual island was created with a trapezoid shape rather than with a more traditional bar seating style so that the clients and their children can interact while doing homework and cooking. During the school season, the island becomes a thriving hub of the household, a place where the whole family can bond while getting their work done.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you will discover imaginative ways to transform your home to nurture the way you and your family live today.

Backyard Beauty: Tips for Outdoor Living in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 13th, 2013
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HimmelWhen you are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful environment like San Diego, it makes sense to take advantage of the area’s wonderful climate with expanded outdoor living space. If you are planning a whole home remodel, your outdoor space can be an integral part of your lifestyle when designed with the creativity and experience of a professional design team. Whether your focal point is an outdoor kitchen, a Zen-like pool, or a lush garden, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space adds a significant level of relaxation and pleasure to your home.

ZenPoolJackson Design and Remodeling was featured nationally in the June 2013 issue of at home Magazine in an article focused on outdoor living. In the article, “Expand Entertaining into Your Yard: 7 Outdoor Living Tips,” Todd Jackson talked about the difference between an outdoor living remodel and other types of remodeling projects: “… Unlike a kitchen or bathroom remodel, an outdoor space is purely a ‘want,’ says Todd Jackson, of Jackson Design & Remodeling in San Diego. ‘You’re drawn to a lifestyle – picturing yourself out there on a warm summer night.’ Similar to the popularity of spa-like master suites, homeowners want their outdoor area to provide an escape, a serene retreat.” The article closes with a quote from Todd: “… And though the spaces are popular with almost every demographic, Jackson says these types of projects are often more male-driven than the interior. ‘It’s like a man cave without the cave.’

Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals inspires clients with new ideas for fully appreciating natural surroundings. Combining innovative thinking with practical experience, our design build team expands the possibilities for your whole home remodel – inside and out!

It’s Getting Steamy in Here: Luxurious Choices for Your Custom Bathroom Design

August 1st, 2013
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77451_10151828514463336_1583402494_oThis gorgeous bathroom design features a large-scale custom steam shower with a view from an expansive window. Imagine starting your morning with a strong shower in natural light, invigorated by beauty both indoors and outdoors. With its carefully designed adjustable lighting and spa-like shower amenities, the master bathroom also becomes a relaxing retreat at the end of the day.

Material and color choices throughout the room support a refined approach to modern luxury. The emphasis is on clean lines, lush textures and connection to the surrounding environment. The design approach is sophisticated and elegant, yet also very comfortable and inviting. Finding the right balance in a room design is made easier with the help of a professional design team with experience in helping clients achieve their vision for a space. A designer also helps with planning the focus of a room. By starting with a central desire, such as a large steam shower, this bathroom design begins with a sense of purpose from which all else flows.

When you are considering your choices for custom bathroom design, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help inspire you with fresh ideas for layout and materials.

We’re Mad About this Mid-century Modern Kitchen Remodel

July 25th, 2013
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mm2This kitchen in a whole home remodel in La Jolla Farms embraces the mid-century modern aesthetic familiar to design enthusiasts and fans of the show Mad Men. Our team of professional designers found a fresh way to express a mid-century modern point of view. If you are interested in exploring mid-century modern design for your kitchen remodeling project or whole home remodel, here are some points to keep in mind:

Bring the mid-century to this century:
Avoid a home that looks like a dated copy of a 1950s original by weaving elements of mid-century modern with contemporary details and eclectic accessories. Designing your home with mid-century modern in mind does not have to entail an all or nothing approach.

mm3Keep it clean:
Clean, simple lines are one of the defining characteristics of mid-century modern design. Colors are often natural and subdued. Clutter should be eliminated in favor of smart, thoughtful layout and material choices.

Add depth with texture:
Natural woods bring warmth to the mid-century look, particularly in the clean lines of Danish furniture pieces. Pairing woods with graphic patterns and organic materials stimulates today’s mid-century modern interior.

MM1Whether your style leans toward the Don Draper era, American traditional, or somewhere in between, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps you achieve your personal vision for your whole home remodel.

Home on the Range: Stove Hood Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

July 10th, 2013
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hood_hostetStove hoods have come a long way over the past several years, evolving from the purely functional to become integral design elements in a kitchen remodel. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you will want to balance the practical aspects of your stove hood with the visual feel of your new kitchen.

Why is a Range Hood Necessary?
Range hoods reduce cooking smells, heat and condensation through ventilation and protect your kitchen from Barbot_hoodgrease splattering and other food mess. How much you use your stove to cook will partly determine the type of hood and strength of ventilation you choose.

What are the Types of Hoods?
The type of hood you select will relate to the layout and design of your kitchen. If you have a cooktop on your island, for instance, you will need a ceiling mounted hood. Other available types are wall mount, under cabinet mount, chimney style and custom built-in.

How Can a Hood Enhance my Kitchen Remodel?
Hoods can be custom designed for your kitchen remodel to create an exciting visual statement while also performing essential function in the room. Most importantly, a professional design team ensures that the hood enhances your kitchen remodel rather than distracting from it. The hood should look as if it is a well-considered element of the kitchen design, whether your kitchen is ultra modern or French country.

Our professional designers continuously research the latest innovations in products that transform your home and your lifestyle. Choosing the right range hood is just one of the detailed creative decisions that makes working with design build remodeling experts an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


Express Your Independence in Your Whole Home Remodel, from Traditional Americana to Contemporary Minimalism

July 3rd, 2013
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Americana1 A whole home remodel should make you feel more comfortable and energized in your home and reflect your personal style. Trends can be inspiring and a fun way to spark the imagination but a truly successful whole home remodel is reflective of your personal style.

For a recent kitchen remodeling project, an active retired couple with a shared appreciation for early American art and collectibles wanted to remodel their kitchen to better accommodate family time with their children and grandchildren. Their original kitchen was dark and outdated, with little connection to the beauty of the home’s surroundings on a California mountaintop. The kitchen was separated from the family room and breakfast nook by peninsulas and walls, which inhibited easy traffic flow and American2made it difficult to keep an eye on young grandchildren. The new kitchen honors the traditional design of early America, preserves elements of the room the clients treasure, and creates an expansive, light-filled space that is much easier to share and navigate. The viewpoint of the design starts with an original brick wall and its oak cabinetry, which the clients wanted to keep intact. All the new cabinetry added to the room was meticulously matched to the original to ensure visual harmony.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary/modern, or transitional, an experienced professional designer can help you discover ways to express your personal vision in a space that works for your lifestyle today.

retro2Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve the practical functionality you need in a space that feels authentically personal.

Is it a Kitchen or Isn’t it? Integrate Your Kitchen Remodel in an Open Floor Plan for Your Whole Home Remodel

June 27th, 2013
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MaglrMany of today’s whole home remodels have an open floor plan instead of separate areas for a living room, family room, dining room and kitchen. A professional design team recognizes the importance of defining each area visually in an open floor plan while integrating them as a unified whole. When your kitchen remodel is included in your great room, here are some ways to ensure a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal:

Custom cabinetry designed to align with the style of furniture elsewhere in your home helps the kitchen feel less like a workroom. At the same time, the cabinetry can cleverly conceal all the modern appliances magislandthat make contemporary kitchens more efficient. The exceptional island shown here is an elegant, furniture-like piece that would be at home anywhere in the house, not just the kitchen. The state-of-the-art countertop is created from Caesarstone “Concetto”, a manmade material composed from pieces of quartz. The countertop is lit from within, creating a seductive glow at night.

Challenge the typical in your kitchen remodel by making an unconventional lighting choice. Lighting with shades or elegant chandeliers that are usually expected in a living area spark the imagination and make the kitchen feel less utilitarian.

Space planning is essential in a kitchen that is open to rest of your living area. A professional designer can help you determine the most effective organization for your kitchen based on key questions about how you will most often use the room. Whether your focus will be on family time, elegant entertaining, or cooking and baking, the layout of your kitchen will make all the difference in your daily enjoyment of the space.

If you are attracted to the idea of living with expansive, open spaces in your whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you find ways to create comfortable and defined areas so that your living, family,dining areas and kitchen each have a distinct sense of place.

Summer Has Arrived! Celebrate Seasonal Blossoms with Floral Patterns for Your Whole Home Remodel.

June 24th, 2013
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Florals_PinkWhen our professional design team researched trends for 2013, one of the more delightful discoveries they unearthed was a return to floral patterns in home design. Once considered quaint or limited to very feminine environments, floral patterns have recently blossomed in a new way. If you are interested in experimenting with floral patterns for your whole home remodel, consider the following ideas:

  • Extra Large Patterns: The modern floral pattern is expressed in unusually large patterns. The oversized scale transforms what could be viewed as overly delicate or fussy into a bold graphic element.
  • Bold Colors: Instead of the pastel colors associated with many traditional floral patterns, the new look in flowers is bold and bright.
  • Mixing Patterns: The new florals are often paired with strong graphic patterns such as stripes or circles for an interesting visual contrast.

Florals_OrangeWorking with a professional design team helps you visualize ways that trends you are drawn to can be artfully integrated with other design elements in your home. With summer’s arrival, a fresh burst of energy can heat up the imagination and make experimenting with your whole home remodel a joy!

Making Space for Dad is a Winning Strategy in Your Whole Home Remodel

June 13th, 2013
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TradGameRoom Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and our thoughts turn to some of the spaces we have created for the man of the house during a whole home remodel. A male sanctuary, sometimes referred to as a “man cave”, ranges in size, purpose and style. The common denominator is an emphasis on the male’s preference for aesthetics in a space where he can indulge in some of his favorite pastimes from solitary reading to playing pool and watching sports with friends.

Man spaces range from colorful and casual to subdued and elegant. Their focal point can be a pool table, a bar, a library, a trophy collection, an impressive media system, or some combination of all of these. Some common requirements usually include:

  • A distinct area separate from the rest of the home
  • Plentiful comfortable seating to accommodate guests
  • Some form of entertainment

ManRoom1A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can be helpful in determining the best way to incorporate a man space in your whole home remodel. Experienced designers will help you explore the ways you plan to use your space most often and how the design can accommodate your needs and express your personal style.