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Express Your Independence in Your Whole Home Remodel, from Traditional Americana to Contemporary Minimalism

July 3rd, 2013
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Americana1 A whole home remodel should make you feel more comfortable and energized in your home and reflect your personal style. Trends can be inspiring and a fun way to spark the imagination but a truly successful whole home remodel is reflective of your personal style.

For a recent kitchen remodeling project, an active retired couple with a shared appreciation for early American art and collectibles wanted to remodel their kitchen to better accommodate family time with their children and grandchildren. Their original kitchen was dark and outdated, with little connection to the beauty of the home’s surroundings on a California mountaintop. The kitchen was separated from the family room and breakfast nook by peninsulas and walls, which inhibited easy traffic flow and American2made it difficult to keep an eye on young grandchildren. The new kitchen honors the traditional design of early America, preserves elements of the room the clients treasure, and creates an expansive, light-filled space that is much easier to share and navigate. The viewpoint of the design starts with an original brick wall and its oak cabinetry, which the clients wanted to keep intact. All the new cabinetry added to the room was meticulously matched to the original to ensure visual harmony.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary/modern, or transitional, an experienced professional designer can help you discover ways to express your personal vision in a space that works for your lifestyle today.

retro2Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve the practical functionality you need in a space that feels authentically personal.

Is it a Kitchen or Isn’t it? Integrate Your Kitchen Remodel in an Open Floor Plan for Your Whole Home Remodel

June 27th, 2013
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MaglrMany of today’s whole home remodels have an open floor plan instead of separate areas for a living room, family room, dining room and kitchen. A professional design team recognizes the importance of defining each area visually in an open floor plan while integrating them as a unified whole. When your kitchen remodel is included in your great room, here are some ways to ensure a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal:

Custom cabinetry designed to align with the style of furniture elsewhere in your home helps the kitchen feel less like a workroom. At the same time, the cabinetry can cleverly conceal all the modern appliances magislandthat make contemporary kitchens more efficient. The exceptional island shown here is an elegant, furniture-like piece that would be at home anywhere in the house, not just the kitchen. The state-of-the-art countertop is created from Caesarstone “Concetto”, a manmade material composed from pieces of quartz. The countertop is lit from within, creating a seductive glow at night.

Challenge the typical in your kitchen remodel by making an unconventional lighting choice. Lighting with shades or elegant chandeliers that are usually expected in a living area spark the imagination and make the kitchen feel less utilitarian.

Space planning is essential in a kitchen that is open to rest of your living area. A professional designer can help you determine the most effective organization for your kitchen based on key questions about how you will most often use the room. Whether your focus will be on family time, elegant entertaining, or cooking and baking, the layout of your kitchen will make all the difference in your daily enjoyment of the space.

If you are attracted to the idea of living with expansive, open spaces in your whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you find ways to create comfortable and defined areas so that your living, family,dining areas and kitchen each have a distinct sense of place.

Summer Has Arrived! Celebrate Seasonal Blossoms with Floral Patterns for Your Whole Home Remodel.

June 24th, 2013
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Florals_PinkWhen our professional design team researched trends for 2013, one of the more delightful discoveries they unearthed was a return to floral patterns in home design. Once considered quaint or limited to very feminine environments, floral patterns have recently blossomed in a new way. If you are interested in experimenting with floral patterns for your whole home remodel, consider the following ideas:

  • Extra Large Patterns: The modern floral pattern is expressed in unusually large patterns. The oversized scale transforms what could be viewed as overly delicate or fussy into a bold graphic element.
  • Bold Colors: Instead of the pastel colors associated with many traditional floral patterns, the new look in flowers is bold and bright.
  • Mixing Patterns: The new florals are often paired with strong graphic patterns such as stripes or circles for an interesting visual contrast.

Florals_OrangeWorking with a professional design team helps you visualize ways that trends you are drawn to can be artfully integrated with other design elements in your home. With summer’s arrival, a fresh burst of energy can heat up the imagination and make experimenting with your whole home remodel a joy!

Making Space for Dad is a Winning Strategy in Your Whole Home Remodel

June 13th, 2013
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TradGameRoom Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and our thoughts turn to some of the spaces we have created for the man of the house during a whole home remodel. A male sanctuary, sometimes referred to as a “man cave”, ranges in size, purpose and style. The common denominator is an emphasis on the male’s preference for aesthetics in a space where he can indulge in some of his favorite pastimes from solitary reading to playing pool and watching sports with friends.

Man spaces range from colorful and casual to subdued and elegant. Their focal point can be a pool table, a bar, a library, a trophy collection, an impressive media system, or some combination of all of these. Some common requirements usually include:

  • A distinct area separate from the rest of the home
  • Plentiful comfortable seating to accommodate guests
  • Some form of entertainment

ManRoom1A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can be helpful in determining the best way to incorporate a man space in your whole home remodel. Experienced designers will help you explore the ways you plan to use your space most often and how the design can accommodate your needs and express your personal style.

Defining Your Dreams for Whole Home Design

June 4th, 2013
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WholeHomeBack Does your home meet your functional needs today and reflect your unique point of view? A professional design team can inspire you with ideas and solutions to transform your environment when you are planning your whole home remodel.

Each individual and family has very specific needs and desires for their remodel. Some want to design and build their entire home to make room for an aging parent. Others want to reflect their love of art and family with a new kitchen or want a whole home remodel to practice a greener lifestyle. Often people appreciate the house they are in but are looking for ways to add modern functionality while honoring their home’s original character.

Experienced professional designers work closely with each client to define dreams and functional needs. They listen carefully and ask questions throughout the design process. By helping you explore your personal style, they WholeHomeFrontguide you toward options to express yourself in your home. Talented designers with experience and training help you see creative possibilities for your space that you may not have even imagined.

Working with a unified team of designers, architects and construction professionals, you can rest assured that your design will express your personal style while achieving the practical functionality you need.

There’s a Place for Everything in a Kitchen Remodel that Displays Your Treasured Collectibles

May 23rd, 2013
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Retro2If you are considering remodeling your kitchen and dreaming about ways it could better display a beloved collection of pottery or art, our professional design team can help you with innovative solutions. We recently designed a kitchen for an active retired couple with a shared appreciation for early American art and collectibles. They wanted to remodel their kitchen to better accommodate family time and to more effectively display the Americana they had gathered over many years. Our designers created several solutions:

  • All new custom cabinetry was designed for storage and display and meticulously matched to existing cabinetry the client wanted to retain.
  • The backsplash of cream ceramic tiles with delicate blue flowers was specifically chosen to subtly compliment the clients’ extensive collection of Delftware pottery.
  • Built-in plate racks in the cabinetry bring attention to the clients’ collection while minimizing clutter.
  • A shelf was added above the farm house sink for additional display space.Retro1

Whatever you like to collect and display can be truly protected and appreciated when your kitchen is designed to highlight your treasures. Remodeling your kitchen to make it the heart of your home is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Every Mom Loves a Day at the Spa – Especially When It’s In Her Own Home!

May 10th, 2013
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MothersDay A custom bathroom design created to capture the elegant and relaxing atmosphere of a luxury spa is becoming essential for today’s whole home remodel. Busy Moms appreciate the convenience of spa-like amenities right down the hall!

Here are some elements of a master bathroom that evoke a spa-like mood:

  • MD1Centerpiece Bath Tub: A free-standing bath tub with stylish function and form is often the centerpiece for a luxury master bathroom. The bath tub in the master bathroom of this whole home remodel by Jackson Design and Remodeling was carefully positioned to make the most of the home’s amazing coastal views.
  • Sumptuous Materials: In this bathroom, a glittering glass and marble mosaic wall is enhanced by romantic sconce lighting, while a marble countertop, floor and walls, marble wainscoting and an intricately detailed baseboard complete an impression of rich, luxurious detail.
  • A Seductive Shower: This generously sized marble shower feels like a serene separate room, graced by fresh airMDShower and sunshine from its own window and fitted with layers of luxury including generous bench seating, body sprays and custom controls outside the shower door.

A spa-like custom bathroom design in your home is an investment that makes your lifestyle more peaceful and inspiring. Working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you will arrive at a design that best expresses your personal desires and dreams for your home. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Jackson Design and Remodeling!

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Mexican Hacienda Designs to Inspire Your Whole Home Remodel.

May 3rd, 2013
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DoorIf you appreciate the rustic beauty and authentic charm of designs inspired by Old World Mexico, why not start with the Mexican hacienda as inspiration for your whole home remodel? Our professional design team finds imaginative ways to weave Old World allure with the needs of the modern homeowner.

Our team designed a secluded weekend getaway in the mountains as a future retirement home. Our clients’ spacious 3,300 sq. ft. adobe house sits on over an acre of land, providing the owners with privacy, comfort and a retreat from the sometimes hurried pace of everyday living in their primary home by the coast. These are a few of the elements our professional designers selected to create the mood of a Mexican hacienda:

  • A fountain imported from Mexico is adorned with handcrafted detailing and conveys earthy warmth and authenticity in the expansiveFountain outdoor patio area.
  • Three hand-carved doors made in 1910 were shipped to the adobe from Mexico. Each weighing several hundred pounds, the doors establish a sense of history and graceful substance in the home.
  • Throughout the home, each material and fabric was meticulously selected to sustain a mood of relaxation and serenity inspired by a Mexican hacienda.

pillowAfter working with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals for their whole home remodel, the owners of this distinctive adobe house can now enjoy the lifestyle they have always imagined.


Why Working with an Architect for Your Whole Home Remodel Makes a Difference

May 1st, 2013
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Architect1If you are considering a whole home remodel you may be wondering how an architect contributes to the process of transforming your home. When any of the following are required for your project, a highly skilled architect is essential:

  • Adding levels or additions or making any other changes to the exterior structure of your home
  • Significantly changing your interior floor plan
  • Moving interior walls, adding new windows or doors
  • Your desire for a high level of design with an innovative approach

Understanding the architecture of your home is necessary to update it for your needs today with appropriate attention to form, scale and proportions. The permitting process is another aspect of the whole home remodel process that architects are uniquely qualified to perform with expertise and efficiency. When you work with a skilled architect, you can rest assured that the building codes for your area and the structural demands of your current home have been incorporated in a proposed design.

Architect2In the design build remodeling process of a whole home remodel, an architect is a member of a unified team that also includes designers and construction professionals. With this streamlined team approach, you gain convenience and peace of mind. From the very start of the project, your architect is collaborating with other members of the team to develop a design that will transform your home and enhance your lifestyle today.

Announcing the Winners of the 4th Annual JDR Industry Blogger Awards!

April 25th, 2013
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BA13_WinnersBadgesWe are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 Design & Remodeling Industry Blogger Awards. The fourth annual blog competition featured 47 of the best blogs in the industry across six categories: Architecture, Construction Business, Remodeling, Interior Design, Green and Microblog. Participation was stronger than ever and we had some great close races! After tallying thousands of votes, the winners are:

Architecture: Decoist

Construction Business: Building Bloxtwo time winner!

Remodeling: 7th House on the Leftthree time winner!

Interior Design: Freshome two time winner!

Green: Lynn Hoffman Design

New category! Microblog: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Twitter

Winners receive a $500 prize and a JDR Blogger Awards Winner badge for display on their blog. Winners use their cash prize in a variety of ways, from investing in their business and new software to giving back to their community. 7th House on the Left, a three-time winner in the Remodeling category, is continuing a tradition of donating a portion of their winnings with this year’s chosen charity being Rebuilding Together.

“Each year the blogger awards get bigger, with more participants and voters. This year, we had votes from 79 countries,” said Todd Jackson, President of Jackson Design & Remodeling, which hosts the annual Blogger Awards contest, “We’re happy to see that more and more companies are realizing the importance of providing reliable information and inspiration to homeowners across the country through blogs and social media sites like Houzz, Pinterest and Twitter. We congratulate this year’s winners for representing the best of the best in the design and remodeling industry.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest this year! Stay in touch with us to hear news about the 2014 awards.