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Toast the New Year! Rituals from Around the World

December 27th, 2012
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This elegant bar we designed in a whole home remodel for clients who love to entertain will soon be surrounded by friends and family in a festive mood to ring in the New Year. How are you celebrating? Toasting with a glass of excellent champagne is definitely a good place to start but we thought it would be interesting to explore and share what people in other cultures do to celebrate the new year.

The new year in Japan is seen as a symbol of renewal and is considered the most important holiday of the year. At bonenkai or “forget-the-year” celebrations, the Japanese let go of the problems and concerns of the past year and prepare for a new start. Misunderstandings are forgiven and houses are cleaned and organized.

The Spanish eat twelve grapes at midnight on December 31st to secure twelve happy months in the coming year.

New Year’s day is also the Festival of St. Basil in Greece. Traditions include the serving of a Vassilopitta, or St. Basil’s cake, with a silver or gold coin baked inside. Whoever finds the coin in their piece of cake will be especially lucky in the coming year.

Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions and the tradition spread throughout the world. Early Christians believed the first day of the new year should be spent reflecting on past mistakes and resolving to make improvements in the new year. While our modern day resolutions usually involve losing weight or exercising more, the early Babylonian’s most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment!

However you choose to spend New Year’s eve, we wish you and your family a joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year! Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals is looking forward to exciting projects in 2013.

Vote for Us in Architectural Digest! JDR Kitchen Featured in Design Contest.

December 21st, 2012
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We are excited to announce that our Colonial Coastal kitchen has been selected by Architectural Digest as one of 15 kitchens in their Before and After: AD-Reader Kitchens contest.

Voting is happening now through January 15th. Please vote for Jackson Design and Remodeling (click on the Del Mar, CA button) and help us spread the word!

Please vote for us here by clicking on the Del Mar, CA button. We thank you for your support!

Entertain Holiday Guests in Winning Fashion with a Game Room in Your Whole Home Remodel

December 20th, 2012
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If entertaining family and friends is a treasured aspect of your lifestyle, designing a room in your whole home remodel dedicated to your favorite pastimes is a winning strategy. During the holidays a game room can become a center of
activity where generations mingle, enjoy friendly competition and share a festive spirit.

We recently completed a whole home remodel for a young professional couple who frequently entertain large groups in their home. After working closely with the couple to determine a deep understanding of their dreams for their home, our professional design team created an expansive, graceful space with focused areas for entertaining guests. In addition to a game room with a pool table as its centerpiece, the spacious first level includes other spaces ideal for entertaining, such as an area dedicated to a grand piano and space for a stunning wet bar.

When you are considering plans for a game room in your whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you with essential decisions about space planning, room layout, and materials. Planning a game room is a fun and inspired experience when you have the right coach!

Home for the Holidays: Getting Your Home Ready for Visitors

December 14th, 2012
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The holiday season is here and many of us are hosting guests from out of town. Welcoming friends and family to stay for a few days is a wonderful opportunity to share the spirit and functionality of your whole home remodel.

Here are some ways to make your space especially comforting for guests during the holidays:

Simple luxury: A small vase with a few fresh buds placed on a bedside table displays a caring spirit and attention to detail. Fresh flowers make a space feel more like home. Tying a pretty ribbon around bath towels and washcloths is another way to convey a sense of comfort and luxury.

Bedside attractions: Take some time to select a few good books and magazines to place in the guest room. When your visitors want some quiet time they will appreciate this extra thoughtfulness. Also think about extra blankets or throws, which help ensure your guests are always warm and cozy in their space.

Easy elegance: An array of self serve stations for drinks and small snacks in the kitchen, dining and living areas is a gracious way to delight guests, especially during the busy holiday season when they may feel more comfortable serving themselves rather than asking for your help. Arranging simple yet tasty fare throughout the living area of your home also encourages mingling and discovery.

Holidays remind us how our home design can nurture our relationships with friends and family. As you navigate your home for the holidays this year, consider how a kitchen remodeling project or whole home remodel could transform your lifestyle, especially when entertaining and celebrating.

Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year is a Gem! Say Hello to Emerald.

December 7th, 2012
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Green, second only to blue as a favorite color, takes the spotlight this week after Pantone®’s announcement of Emerald as the 2013 Pantone® Color of the Year. Emerald green conveys the well-being, tranquility and balance found in nature, where green is the most prevalent color, with the elegance and luminosity of sparkling gemstones.

“The most abundant hue in nature, the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world. This powerful and universally-appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.” Pantone LLC® is the world-renowned authority on color.

Perceived as sophisticated and luxurious, Emerald could add new life to your home in the form of accessories, furniture, or a painted wall. A professional designer can help you explore ways to bring the radiance and energy of Emerald into your whole home remodel.

Help Deliver Joy to Needy Children with Our 8th Annual Toy Drive!

November 30th, 2012
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In the spirit of the season, Jackson Design and Remodeling is happy to continue a treasured holiday tradition with our 8th Annual Toy Drive in partnership with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect and distribute new, unwrapped toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community. Toys for Tots delivers a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.

Our annual Toy Drive is a meaningful way to contribute to families that might otherwise go without the small wonders that make the holiday season so special for kids. If you would like to help us share holiday joy with needy children in our community, please bring an unwrapped gift to our office between now and December 18th and stop in to say hello!

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Tomorrow? A Kitchen Remodeling Project Could Make You Even More Grateful Next Year!

November 21st, 2012
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For those of us who love to cook, Thanksgiving is a time of year when our kitchens get tested for efficiency and appeal. How well does your kitchen meet the grade this year? If you find yourself frustrated or slowed down by outdated appliances and an awkward layout, consider putting a kitchen remodeling project on the menu! Here are just a few ideas for a kitchen remodel particularly appealing to the avid cook:

Island Sinks: If you entertain frequently, you know the value of extra stations in the kitchen. A second sink built-in to a central island makes for fast prepping and cleaning.

Custom Details: For a recent kitchen remodeling project, the cutting board pictured here was designed as an inventive addition for clients with a passion for cooking and entertaining. The cutting board was selected first and the granite island was custom cut to fit. The cutting board easily slides out from its niche to make carrying prepped items to other areas of the kitchen a breeze. This deceptively simple element saves a lot of time during meal preparation.

Innovative Storage: Clients are often amazed by the amount of additional storage our professional design team is able to add during their kitchen remodeling project, even without adding square footage. Strategic space planning, island storage and hidden appliance garages are just some of the ways to make your kitchen remodel more efficient and organized.

Sharing your new kitchen with family and friends during festive holiday occasions is a rewarding benefit of a whole home remodel. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

The French Know How to Live: Happy Beaujolais Nouveau!

November 15th, 2012
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Every third Thursday of November, at 12:01 am, French law states that the young red wine made from handpicked Gamay grapes in the Beaujolais region of France may be released for sale, just three short weeks after the grapes have been harvested. It’s been said if you have a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau on the 3rd Thursday of November, you will have good luck for the year to come. So pop a cork and enjoy.
Á votre santé!

If you appreciate entertaining with your favorite vintage, consider adding a wine closet or wine refrigerator to the design of your whole home remodel or kitchen remodeling project. A successful whole home remodel enhances your lifestyle with vibrant, functional new spaces where you and your loved ones will be excited to create lasting memories. A professional design team helps you envision imaginative ways to transform your home. Let’s raise a glass to creative and inspiring home design!

Blue Mood: How a Strong Focal Point Sets the Tone for a Custom Bathroom Design

November 8th, 2012
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Memorable design finds its inspiration from many sources, often starting with the selection of one distinct piece that sets the mood for a room. In a custom bathroom design for a whole home remodel our professional design team recently completed, an impressive storage cabinet makes a statement with complex shades of subtly distressed blues. In a room defined by elegant simplicity with open space, ample light and luxurious materials, the decision to use one striking accent of color brings the design to a higher level of sophisticated appeal. If you are planning a custom bathroom design for your whole home remodel, here are some ways to experiment with strong focal points:

The Shower: Large, sumptuous showers with seating, storage niches and multiple shower heads bring the comfort and serenity of the modern spa to your everyday lifestyle. The position and size of the shower, along with the colors and materials selected by a professional design team to best express your personal vision, will influence the visual effect of your shower as a focal point.

The Bath Tub: If you prefer a long luxurious bath to a stimulating shower, an amazing bath tub could be your focal point of choice. Our team has created master bathrooms for clients with Japanese soaking tubs, round tubs, free-standing tubs and many more interesting choices.

The View: Whether your view is of the mountains, the ocean, or your beloved backyard garden, using surrounding nature as a room’s focal point is a wonderful way to achieve a comforting sense of place.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals as you create your vision during a whole home remodel you will explore many ways to express yourself with colors, materials and layout choices. Whatever mood you want to communicate or play with can be designed with lasting style when you have expert guidance!

Design Inspired by Nature: Raw, Organic Trend Growing Strong

October 25th, 2012
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Our professional design team continually researches design trends and practices innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve in home design. We have been working with designs inspired by rustic natural elements for some time and have been interested to see this trend expand in popularity recently. If you would like to explore natural, organic themes for your whole home remodel, here are some elements to consider:

Sherwin Williams has introduced a color palette called “Honed Vitality” that embodies a softened beauty with earthy hues. This colors typify the calm, restful tones of the organic trend.

Showing the “veins in the grains” of a material like the granite countertop pictured is another way to show a respect for rustic natural beauty in the home. Textures that can be “felt with the eye” work well when you are exploring an organic theme.

Handmade accessories and furniture evoke a simpler time and express an appreciation for artisan craft and quality. Working with local artisans is a wonderful way to bring character and history to a whole home remodel.

Whether the organic aesthetic speaks to you or not is an entirely personal decision. Your home should express your unique point of view. When you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you are able to explore the many possibilities available and be inspired in ways you may not have imagined!