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Jackson Design and Remodeling Wins 2012 Kitchen of the Year Honor from Ranch & Coast Magazine

August 31st, 2012
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We are happy to announce that a kitchen designed by Jackson Design and Remodeling has been awarded Kitchen of the Year by Ranch & Coast magazine. A couple who love to entertain and are enthusiastic members of their local wine club wanted their kitchen to be a central gathering point in their home – a sophisticated, yet unpretentious space for welcoming fellow oenophiles. After visiting an open house in their neighborhood showcasing a whole home remodel by Jackson Design and Remodeling, this couple was inspired to work with us for their kitchen remodeling project.

The most challenging aspect of this remodel was the room’s very unusual configuration and positioning. Our professional design team developed not just cosmetic changes, but a dramatically different layout and perspective. The new kitchen design takes full advantage of the home’s spectacular views while also embracing the clients’ lifestyle by creating an open floor plan with welcoming bar island seating. This brilliantly re-imagined new space is now an appealing central gathering place where the homeowners welcome guests and fellow wine enthusiasts in comfort and style.

Read more details in the Ranch & Coast feature article.

A Study in Style: Create Space for a Library in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 23rd, 2012
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Back to school season is underway! For those with school age children living at home, a plan for a whole home remodel often includes a desire for a quiet space dedicated to studying and reading. Even when children have left the nest, a room devoted to quieter pleasures is a wonderful addition to everyday living. If you are planning a library/study area for your whole home remodel, here are a few considerations:

Who will use the room? If the room will be shared between generations, designating areas for each promotes harmony. Think about how each person will want to use the space so a professional design team can help you design the area most efficiently.

What belongs in the room and what should have prominence? Some families will have a large area dedicated to a book collection while others may have more room given to media. Finding an appropriate focal point and the right balance is essential to a pleasing design.

How do you want the room to feel? For a room dedicated to reading and studying, the atmosphere should strike the ideal balance between relaxing and stimulating. Good lighting – designed for reading, working on the computer and other tasks – is essential.

Once you have studied what works best for you, sharing your ideas with an experienced design build remodeling team will help you achieve the quiet space of your daydreams. Creating rooms that work for your lifestyle today makes your whole home remodel a unique, personal space you will be comfortable in for a lifetime.

Open the Door to Color: Welcome Summer Visitors with a Red Front Door

August 16th, 2012
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For a Colonial Coastal whole home remodel we completed recently, a finishing touch was the addition of a red front door. This striking entryway welcomes the homeowners‘ frequent summer guests to their stunning coast side home with memorable style. Our professional design team loved the clean, bold look of this entryway and we were inspired to explore some of the symbolic meanings of a red front door. Worldwide, the red front door has a history of positive symbolism related to welcoming visitors, luck, protection and good fortune.

Early American: In early American times, a red front door was a sign of a safe haven. If a home had a red front door, tired travelers journeying on horseback knew they would be welcomed to stop there and spend the night or rest.

Feng Shui: In Feng Shui, the front door is known as the “Mouth of Chi” where energy enters. To paint your door red welcomes people into your home and encourages good luck to enter.

Scottish: In Scotland, a red front door red once signified that the homeowners had paid off their mortgage.

Religious: In biblical times, many churches painted their doors red as protection from evil.

While it’s interesting to know that a red door possesses enduring tradition and symbolism, what really matters is if the color speaks to you and works with the style of your whole home remodel. Working with an expert design build team you can determine what most inspires you and creates an environment that is uniquely yours!

Dishing Out Style: Classic Apron Front Sinks Make a Splash in Kitchen Remodeling

August 13th, 2012
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Originally a staple of farmhouse kitchens, apron front sinks have recently enjoyed an upsurge in popularity for kitchen remodeling projects of all styles. Our professional design team has created kitchens with apron front sinks as a central feature in whole home remodels with Modern, Cape Cod Coastal and Transitional design aesthetics. Apron front sinks are uniquely versatile because of their timeless simplicity. Their clean lines and classic form work well in many kitchen remodeling projects.

Appealing Functionality
Because they were originally designed for busy farmhouse mealtimes when no dishwashers or other convenient appliances were available, apron front sinks are built for sturdiness and durability. They are large enough to accommodate sizable pots and pans and their extra deep and roomy bowl means less splashing while you work at the sink, with less puddles on surrounding surfaces. Their placement a little further forward than typical modern sinks makes for more comfortable ergonomics with less stress and strain.

Enduring Design
An apron front sink is an iconic design that works as a centerpiece in your kitchen. Rather than blending into the background, this archetypal sink makes a bold statement about the value of classic design. The apron front sinks made today have evolved to encompass new materials and colors. Enameled cast iron and fireclay are popular for their appearance and strength, while stainless steel has emerged as a modern interpretation of the classic design. The elements that remain unchanged are the simple, clean lines that make an apron front sink work as well in a contemporary environment as it does in a traditional one.

Choosing a sink is just one element of a kitchen remodeling project. When you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you receive the expertise and guidance you need to make design choices that work best for your lifestyle today.

Blended to Taste: Expressing Your Own Personal Style in Your Whole Home Remodel is a Popular Trend

August 2nd, 2012
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When our professional design team was recently interviewed for a soon-to-be-published article on current home design, they discussed the blending of design categories as an emerging trend in whole home remodels. More than ever before, clients want to express their personal perspectives and break the stodgy rules that once limited design. Here are some of the fresh new styles our designers have helped clients create in their home environments:

Beaux Arts: Elements rooted in vintage and contemporary styles pay creative homage to the old and the new. Curvilinear edges, vibrant colors and an artistic flair are signature aspects of the Beaux Arts style.

Art Deco: This classic design style features linear symmetry representing elegance, glamour and modernity. A graphic combination of black and white is often featured in timeless Art Deco design.

Cape Cod Coastal: Even for those who don’t live in a beachside home, aqua blues, crisp linen whites and nostalgic fixtures bring an appreciation of natural beauty and classic charm to a space inspired by timeless East Coast design.

Rustic Modern: Natural woods contrasted with glass and chrome evoke the comfort of a mountain retreat and the excitement of modern urbanity for the dynamic visual fusion of Rustic Modern design.

Organic Architectural: Punctuating clean architectural lines and interesting neutrals with organic shapes and natural materials makes an intriguing presentation representative of the Organic Architectural style.

Exploring various options and creating your own individual style for a whole home remodel is one of the most exciting aspects of a design build remodeling project. The experience is  enjoyable and stress-free when you work with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals.

It’s Time for the Opening Ceremony! JDR is a Proud Sponsor of the London Summer Olympics on NBC 7 San Diego.

July 27th, 2012
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After 69 days traveling the length and breadth of the UK, the Olympic Flame takes to the River Thames on the morning of July 27th. Over the past 70 days over 13 million people have lined the streets of the UK to show their support. The Flame will arrive at the Olympic Stadium on Friday evening during the Opening Ceremony, where the cauldron will be lit and stay alight until it is extinguished on August 12th, the final day of the Games. 300 nations will take part in the 2012 Olympics and 147 in the Paralympics.

We are happy to share the news that Jackson Design and Remodeling is a proud sponsor of the London 2012 Summer Olympics on NBC 7 San Diego. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals is excited to support our American teams in their pursuit of athletic excellence. Keep an eye out for our ads as you enjoy the Games this summer!

Aglow with Style: Illuminating Your Lighting Choices for a Whole Home Remodel

July 11th, 2012
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Creative and unusual lighting choices express a distinct personality for your whole home remodel like nothing else. The most interesting lighting fuses function with art to add dazzling performance to your environment. Our professional design team continually researches new resources and discovers ways to delight clients with innovative and appealing design elements. Here we reveal two American artisans in the lighting industry:

Lea de Wit, Lucky Stripe Studios
Glass artist Lea de Wit’s hand-blown art glass pendants are crafted right here in San Diego. Our designers have worked together with Lea and our clients to create one-of-a-kind pendants for whole home remodels, kitchen remodeling projects and more. Lea melts glass color in various forms, from sea salt-sized chunks to powder, into a searing mass. She layers color upon color to create depth and intensity while playing with varying degrees of transparency and opacity before blowing and sculpting the glass into beautiful custom shapes.

Cerno creates modern LED lighting fixtures in Laguna Beach. In response to the current age of disposability, the company conscientiously chooses to build products that last, selecting an environmentally responsible material pallet and using energy efficient LED technology. Design, quality and precision are evident in the exquisite details of their impressive, hand-assembled work.

Lighting choices are one of the details that make your whole home remodel sparkle with memorable style. Partnering with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you access a level of experience and skill that makes choosing the details effortless and enjoyable.

Pledge Allegiance to American Design with Reclaimed Wood for Your Whole Home Remodel

July 5th, 2012
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Reclaimed wood for your whole home remodel is a design choice that expresses independence and creativity, two hallmarks of the American spirit. When your home design integrates reclaimed wood, you are living with a piece of American history. As we celebrate Independence Day this week, let’s take a look at how sustainable, recycled wood helps you express your individuality in the design of your whole home remodel:

Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring, ceilings and walls, structural beams (such as the one pictured here), furniture and shelving, or as an artful accent. The distress marks, patinas and edges of weathered wood give it a unique appearance that instantly lends character to its surroundings.

A reclaimed wood floor is often much harder than new wood flooring, since aged lumber is drier and thicker than new wood. Historical timbers have been expanding and contracting over time with changes in heat and the slow loss of moisture. This makes them more resistant to the elements.

Using reclaimed wood is an environmentally responsible choice. Wood salvaged from older structures is denser, harder and less likely to shrink or expand than wood from younger trees but doesn’t further deplete the forests.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can find reliable resources for the many types of reclaimed woods and consider how to best use them in your home. Explore the creative possibilities available for bringing a delightful and enduring sense of American history to your whole home remodel!

Love to Entertain? Plan a Kitchen Remodel Worthy of Festive Fireworks!

June 28th, 2012
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Kitchen1The July 4th holiday is on the horizon and many of us will be entertaining friends and family at home. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodeling project, take some time during this holiday to pay attention to how you use your kitchen today and how you dream about using it in the future. We recently completed a kitchen remodel for a couple who belong to a wine club and love to entertain at home. Here are some of the ways our professional design team brought the clients’ personal vision for their kitchen to life:

Gathering space: Space planning is essential for a kitchen where large groups will gather. Subtle positioning of cabinetry and appliances establishes a sense of the kitchen not just as a place to cook and serve, but as a place to relax and enjoy the company of guests.

Centerpiece seating: An island bar in a distinctive shape or a dramatic material selection sets the stage for gathering people together in comfort and style. The island and bar area pictured above were designed with a purposefully large scale in an extra thick mother of pearl granite.

FourthJulySinkCustom details: The sink pictured here, with its unusual shape and sleek faucet, was specially designed to accommodate bar serving. The kitchen also includes a strategically placed wine refrigerator and an area for coffee and beverage service. Both are designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry, allowing for convenient access and a clutter-free appearance

When you have a passion for entertaining at home, a kitchen remodeling project brings a renewed sense of inspiration and fulfillment to your lifestyle. Whether your forte is elegant dinner parties or family feasts, a professional designer can work with you to explore the details that will make your space a functional and beautiful expression of your personal style.

Walk This Way: Bring Curb Appeal to Your Whole Home Remodel

June 21st, 2012
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Curb_AppealDesigning your home for maximum curb appeal is an essential element of a successful whole home remodel. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, along with the help of an experienced landscape designer, you can arrive at a design that will significantly increase your home’s visual appeal and value.

Here are some ideas to bring curb appeal to your whole home remodel:

Plan your entrance: Your front door should balance visually by working well with the overall design of your home while making a statement of its own. An inviting front door can be achieved with unusual scale or color, atypical wood grain, or thoughtfully placed windows. Attention to detail in the selection of hardware will also make a memorable presentation.

Fence it in: The exterior pictured here features a 2-tone semi solid fence which enhances the wood color and leaves the grain visible for interesting texture. This fence perfectly inhabits its coastal environment, with a somewhat open sensibility that still offers privacy and security. The custom designed front gate is finished with a strip of copper that will weather with time while protecting the wood gates for many years.

Surface matters: The siding of the home pictured is a pre-finished solid color hard plank, selected in a color palate that effortlessly integrates with its coastal environment. When selecting exterior surfaces and colors, a professional designer finds the ideal balance between stand out style and a design that makes sense in its surroundings.

Sustainable greenery: For San Diego homes, like the Coronado home pictured here, drought tolerant landscaping with native plants is a natural and practical choice. Working with a registered landscape architect, you can enjoy landscaping that is functional, beautiful and at the level of maintenance you desire.

Well designed curb appeal brings added value and lasting enjoyment to your home. When planning your whole home remodel, working with an experienced design build remodeling team ensures your home will be beautiful inside and out!