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Breakfast in Bed? Every Day is Mother’s Day in a Remodeled Master Suite.

May 10th, 2012
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Woman having breakfast in bedMany celebrations this Sunday, May 13th will feature a special breakfast in bed for Mom, served with love and appreciation. Some of the luckiest Moms will enjoy their homemade meal in a remodeled master suite, while other Moms may be dreaming about a fabulous new space as part of a whole home remodel.

Here are some of the elements to consider when planning a master suite remodel:

Make your suite as individual as you are: Your master suite should embrace your unique needs, desires and point of view. Working closely with a professional design team you can experiment with colors, materials and layouts that work best for your lifestyle today. Some couples have a workout space in their master suite, while others enjoy a reading nook by a window. In the master bathroom where spa-like luxury is usually at the top of the list for desired changes, storage might also be a top priority, or possibly an area for dressing and makeup.

Consider how you will use the space: A well designed master suite artfully combines functionality and aesthetics to create a welcoming sanctuary. You want a serene space that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation while also allowing plenty of room for organized storage. Carefully planned lighting is essential for the variety of tasks and activities that a master suite encompasses.

Make your suite, well, sweet: While they don’t need to match perfectly and will probably be more interesting if they don’t, the master bathroom and master bedroom should make sense together visually. The rooms should flow easily together with no jarring differences in appearance. Working with a design build remodeling team makes this part of your whole home remodel a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Happy Mother’s Day! When you’re ready to see your dreams for a whole home remodel come to life, remember that working with a unified team of architects, designers and craftsmen makes the job easier for Mom and everyone else in your home.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! A Remodeled Adobe Inspired by Old World Mexico.

May 4th, 2012
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Hacienda2Our whole home remodel of a secluded weekend getaway and future retirement home for a couple in their fifties was inspired by the aesthetics of Old World Mexico. This remodel beautifully demonstrates how your unique personal style and interests can be translated to create visual harmony and comfort in your home.

Here are some of the ways this adobe home was transformed to express the personal vision of our clients:

  • The home was reframed and a new roof was added. The landscaping, kitchen, entryway and several interior elements were redesigned.
  • An expansive covered patio now gracefully expands living into the outdoor environment. In alignment with the adobe home’s emphasis on Mexican-style aesthetics, succulents were a natural choice for the plantings.
  • A dramatic plaza in front of the home welcomes visitors with bold color and elements of nature. A fountain imported from Mexico sits atop a striking hand-painted sundial. Tiles made in Mexico bring charming detail to the plaza entry.
  • The new flooring installed throughout the home mimics the look of the traditional old-Mexican style, but is higher quality and more durable.
  • Three hand-carved doors made in 1910 were shipped to the adobe from Mexico, each weighing several hundred pounds.
  • The kitchen is now a show stopping conversation piece in the home. Light pours in from new windows and a Haciendaskylight, while a dramatic beam and niches frame the room and integrate it with the rest of the home. The tiles on the backsplash were specially created with custom colors in Mexico by a relative of one of the kitchen’s designers.

From the broad expanse of their new outdoor area to the smallest detail of their kitchen, the owners of this distinctive adobe house can now enjoy the lifestyle they have always imagined. Whatever your personal style, working with a unified team of architects, designers and craftsmen helps bring your vision for your whole home remodel to life

Cast Your Vote by April 30th to Win an Exciting Adventure!

April 25th, 2012
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VoteBanner2012We invite you to experience a thrilling adventure. All you have to do is vote! JDR has a fun new TV campaign airing and we want YOU to tell us which ad is your favorite.

If you haven’t already done so, please view our three ads and place your vote to let us know which one you like best. You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win your choice of a Spectacular Balloon Ride over San Diego with you and a friend or a five hour Luxurious Limousine Tour with five friends to Temecula Valley Wine Country ($500+ value).

Winners will be announced on May 1, 2012

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Announcing the Winners of the 3rd Annual JDR Industry Blogger Awards!

April 18th, 2012
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Badge_WinnersWe are happy to announce the winners of the 3rd Annual JDR Industry Blogger Awards! There is one winning blog in each category: Architecture, Construction Business, Green, Interior Design, and Remodeling. Participation was strong and we had some great close races! Our nominees used social media to promote the contest this year more than ever before. We are excited to bring additional recognition to the great work on these blogs. See more about the contest here.

2012 Winners
3rd Annual JDR Industry Blogger Awards

Winners receive a $500 prize and a JDR Blogger Awards Winner badge for display on their blog. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest this year! Stay in touch with us to hear news about the 2013 awards.

The Time has Arrived for April Showers!

April 13th, 2012
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AprilShowersBathroom design has evolved to bring the destination spa experience home and one element almost every homeowner craves is a luxurious shower. A positive shower experience starts your day with refreshing energy or ends your day with relaxing calm. Our professional design team works with clients to find the ideal shower for each individual bathroom remodeling project. Here are some of the most appealing design features for the modern shower:

Showerheads: Oversized showerheads bring sophisticated, functional style to the home bathroom. Multi-function controls allow for a personally customized shower each time, from pulsing massage-like blasts to gentle misting. Rainhead showers evoke the pleasant sensations of a spring downpour. Handheld fixtures are both visually appealing and practical, allowing you to directly spray exactly where and how you need it.

Body Sprays: For luxurious pampering or attention to sore parts of the body, body sprays provide a memorable hydrotherapy experience. Some are built discreetly into the shower wall to save space, while some are built for maximum adjustability.

Steam Showers: The deeply relaxing experience of a steam shower has the added benefit of removing toxins from the body and promoting respiratory health.

Technology: For a highly personalized experience, custom designed showers allow for preset sprays, aromatherapy, temperatures, music, steam and water use.

Showering your bathroom with luxury is an investment in less stress and higher spirits and makes good sense for your home! Working with an experienced design build team makes the process of achieving your personal vision for a spa-like bathroom at home relaxing and rewarding.

Planning a Whole Home Remodel? Attention to a Focal Point Makes the Difference Between Ordinary and Dazzling

March 30th, 2012
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Specialty_DetailsWhen planning your whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps guide you toward aesthetic decisions that make the difference between an ordinary home and a home with dazzling visual appeal. A successful whole home remodel requires careful planning of structure, layout and space allocation. It takes the skill, experience and creative vision of an experienced design team to determine where the focal point of a room or a home will find the best expression.

Here are some examples of focal points to consider when planning your whole home remodel:

A Dramatic Entryway: Welcome visitors with an impressive display of space, light, color or sumptuous materials.

The Grand Staircase: A sweeping flight of stairs with hand-crafted artisan detailing (see photo) intrigues guests and is a pleasure to live with every day.

A Stylish Fireplace: Today’s modern fireplace designs are far removed from the brick of yesteryear but still beckon guests to gather ‘round. The example shown in our photo is a stainless steel fireplace beneath a flush-mounted television in a sleek wall of staggered porcelain tiles.

That View: If you’re lucky, a spectacular view may be your home’s focal point. Designing your home to celebrate surrounding beauty is related to careful consideration of orientation and layout.

Planning the details of a whole home remodel is one of the most creative and enjoyable parts of the process! When you work with experts you can trust, your home can express your personal vision in unexpected and memorable ways.

Planning a Remodel? Protect the Integrity of Your Architect-Designed Home

March 23rd, 2012
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Walton_KitchenFor a kitchen remodeling project we recently completed, a primary concern was protecting the design integrity of the original home, which was built by notable architect Loch Crane in 1952. Crane was artistic and creative from childhood and was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was able to apprentice with his mentor for a short while until duty called him to serve in WWII. Crane flew B52s for the Army and stayed in Japan through 1946 where he taught advanced flight techniques and had the opportunity to study Japanese architecture and see how it was inspired by nature. When Crane returned from the war he finished his schooling and pursued architecture in earnest. “Building with one’s own hands is the essence of life,” Crane once said. He had a long and fruitful career, producing work influenced by his affinity for nature. “I want to turn to nature for my sense of belonging,” Crane said.

Our clients, the owners of a Crane designed home in a coastal community near the San Diego Yacht club, were aware of their home’s unique history and felt a deep respect for Loch Crane’s work. Their challenge was that the original kitchen was dated, dark and difficult to maneuver in, particularly when entertaining large groups, which our clients love to do. They wanted to update their kitchen with modern design and functionality that made a visual statement, while honoring the integrity of Crane’s original vision.

Working with our experienced architects, the clients were inspired to see the innovative solutions created in the design of a modern, highly functional and beautiful kitchen that respects the essential character of their home. Careful consideration was given to every detail. Here are just a few examples of how the original architect’s design was honored:

  • A wall was removed between the kitchen and dining areas but the windows and the ceiling were left undisturbed.
  • Because the original home was built with no space between the ceiling and the roof, track lighting was the best option for illumination. The original light fixtures were kept in place, with more track lighting added to brighten the space.
  • All cabinetry was custom built with horizontal lines to complement the existing open beam wood ceiling. Discreet channel set hardware performs its function effectively, yet subtly.
  • The new cabinetry space is clean and functional with a minimum of hardware and the emphasis on aligning with the organic feeling of the original home.
  • A microwave and adjacent roll up cabinets were built-in to the island to bring efficiency to the space while keeping a low profile that protects the integrity of the home’s design.

Because JDR is a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, our clients experienced the convenience of working with a group of experts all under one roof who were dedicated to the success of their project.

The Wearing O’ the Green: A Kitchen Remodel Inspired by a Favorite Color

March 16th, 2012
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StPatsKitchenIn honor of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, we are featuring a kitchen remodeling project that was inspired by the color green. Working with our professional design team, our clients found the initial spark of inspiration for their new kitchen design in their favorite color. They are a young professional couple with busy professional and social lives who love to entertain in their Carmel Valley home. They asked us to create their “dream kitchen” as a respite from their hectic schedules. In addition to featuring their favorite color prominently indoors, the couple wanted to visually connect the kitchen to the natural greenery of their large patio and backyard area.

The luck o’ the Irish isn’t enough when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Here are some of the ways careful planning and meticulous design detail led to a dream kitchen for our clients:

  • The new layout creates an expanse of open area, bringing light, air and energy into the space. Colors were carefully selected to harmonize with the outdoors.
  • An oversized island provides a luxurious amount of space for preparing and serving meals. The Vitoria Regia granite countertop boasts a bright green tone balanced with grays and yellows. A special area was created in the island to display the couple’s beloved collection of cookbooks.
  • Materials and colors reflect the beauty of nature and bring an artistic sensibility to the space. Handblown glass fixtures custom made for the clients by local artist Lea de Wit illuminate the room with a warm glow.
  • A gleaming tile wall with six variations of green joined in a custom pattern was created by JDR Interior Designer, Rosella Gonzalez. The wall was built with concave and convex tiles, resulting in a wave-like effect that captures and reflects light differently throughout the day.
  • A streamlined layout makes prep and cooking a joy. The kitchen has two sinks, including an apron front stainless steel sink, for maximum functionality.

Working with a team of design build professionals who can provide the guidance and expertise you need, you can create your own dream kitchen starting from a concept as simple as your favorite color.

Planning a Kitchen Remodeling Project? Five Ingredients for a Satisfying Chef’s Kitchen

March 7th, 2012
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ChefReToWe recently designed and built a kitchen remodeling project in San Diego’s Mission Hills community, which was inspired by the homeowners’ brother-in-law – a recently published chef. A chef’s kitchen is a timeless design that can work in virtually any home environment. Here are some of the basic ingredients for a tasty and satisfying design:

1. Space
Chefs need proper room to work! Because of the more generous appliance sizes and the areas allowed for prep and cooking, adequate space is necessary for a successful chef’s kitchen. You may be able to create the necessary space from a more efficient arrangement of your current kitchen.

2. Tools
An oversize range, preferably with a grill or griddle, is essential in the chef’s kitchen. The kitchen we recently designed included a 48” range with five burners and a griddle. A warming drawer to keep multiple courses at the ready is a welcome tool for any busy chef. A refrigerator with a glass door offers a slightly retro design touch in a modern chef’s kitchen and also delivers maximum efficiency by making it fast and easy to find ingredients. Two sinks, one for prep and one for cleaning, makes tasks more productive.

3. Storage
Quick and convenient access to the tools of the trade is a crucial element in a chef’s kitchen. Our Mission Hills kitchen incorporated a variety of innovative concealed storage options, custom designed to provide optimum organization while not detracting from the streamlined appearance of the room.

4. Lighting
To properly enjoy his or her craft, the chef needs plenty of open space and adequate lighting. A good design will incorporate as much natural light into the kitchen as possible by orienting the space correctly and planning for windows that let in maximum light. Task lighting for food prep, cooking and cleaning is also an important detail of space planning.

5. Personality
Even when working with a predetermined overall design concept such as a “chef’s kitchen”, it’s important to express your own personal interpretation. Working with a professional designer, you will carefully consider your desires and practical needs for your kitchen and plan the space accordingly.

A chef’s kitchen is an inspiring center of your home to welcome family and friends and engage in one of life’s most enduring pleasures – cooking wonderful meals! Our professional design team can help you design the chef’s kitchen you’ve always dreamed of for your kitchen remodeling project.

Plan for Aging in Place When Planning Your Whole Home Remodel

February 28th, 2012
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Cheerful mature woman embracing senior man against whiteJust as many of us had a plan for going off to college, we should have a plan to age. The National Aging in Place Council suggests that people should start thinking about a plan to age in place before planning for retirement. Decisions about your whole home remodel, room addition, or mother-in-law suite will be influenced by your plans for aging and by your parents’ plans. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

What is aging in place?
Aging in place is the ability to stay in your own home independently, safely and comfortably for as long as you can while you age. A recent AARP study established that 89 percent of 50-plus Americans intend to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

Making your whole home remodel or mother-in-law suite senior friendly.
When assessing your current living environment, you need to examine all the major areas of your home, including the entryway, bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, and outdoor areas.


  • Barrier-free, no-step entries and thresholds


  • Roll-in showers with adjustable shower heads
  • Lowered bathroom sink and elevated toilet
  • Grab bars


  • Closets with storage at accessible heights
  • Ample room for maneuvering


  • Varied countertop height
  • Sink with knee clearance
  • Raised dishwasher
  • Storage space within reach

See more tips from the National Aging in Place Council here.

With proper planning and the help of an experienced design team, aging in place can be beautifully incorporated into your whole home remodel.