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Creative Design Options for a Whole Home Remodel

May 27th, 2011
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DesignOptionsIf your home doesn’t reflect who you are or fit your lifestyle today, an experienced design team can help you with creative, unexpected options. A whole home remodel doesn’t always have to include structural changes or additions.

There’s no reason to live in a home that isn’t working for you because you think that a remodel may require major structural changes or additions that are beyond your budget. With careful planning and innovative thinking, your home can be transformed while retaining the original structure and floor plan.

The first step toward success for this type of project is determining what works and doesn’t work about your current space and what you desire in a new environment. Next, we conduct a thorough review of your home and observe where we can make improvements while keeping the scope of the project in line with your expectations. Experience and imagination are essential as we develop a design to transform certain areas of your home while assuring each area looks as if it has always belonged. The symmetry of design style, color palette and material choices come into play as we make your dreams for your home into reality.

Our designers want you to love your home and we have mastered many different approaches to find individual solutions for each client – there is more than one way to create your vision!

Put Your Second Home First This Summer

May 16th, 2011
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SummerHomeWith summer’s approach, those of us with second homes are usually planning to spend more time in them over the next few months. Is your second home everything you want it to be? If inadequate design and functionality is distracting you from fully enjoying your getaway retreat, consider a whole home remodel for your second home. Here are some ideas to make your second home ideal:

Adapt the design to your “getaway” lifestyle: Too often, a second home is simply a modified version of a primary home with a design that hasn’t adapted to the different lifestyle you enjoy while getting away from it all. When planning your remodel, think about how you spend most of your time in your second home. Are you reading and relaxing in solitude? Spending time in the garden? Entertaining friends in the kitchen? One of our clients uses their Oceanside home as a base for summer surfing adventures. Our remodel of their second home embraces this lifestyle choice with both design and functionality. Colors and materials reflect the Oceanside vibe, the kitchen is designed for casual entertaining, and the flooring was selected for water resistance and durability along with beauty and style.

Reflect your personal style: While simple and neutral might seem easier for a second home, there is so much more inspiration and relaxation to be found in a space that immediately welcomes you and your guests with warm and personal surroundings. If you are a collector, why not use your second home as a space to display some of your favorite finds? If you love to travel, a second home can provide a showcase for treasured keepsakes from memorable trips, or the design can reflect the style of one of your favorite destinations.

Focus on low maintenance: Since you won’t be in your home the majority of the time, the design should be easy to maintain. This is particularly important when planning your landscaping. Having adequate and innovative storage solutions for your linens, kitchen and bathroom supplies is also essential for a home that is visited less often.

Get creative with the help of a professional design team and make your second home one-of-a-kind!

Join Us at the Best of North County Party 2011!

April 29th, 2011
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BestOfLogoIn connection with the May “Best of North County” issue, San Diego Magazine hosts its “Best of North County” bash for San Diegans to taste, enjoy and mingle with the area’s finest. Jackson Design and Remodeling is excited to be a sponsor of this event and we are busy designing a creative “VIP room” for guests to experience.

Attendees at this fabulous event, showcasing a variety of the issue’s most popular award winners, will have the opportunity to sample, sip and party along with the best that North County has to offer. Guests will enjoy special appearances by north county’s top chefs, as well as wine and food tastings from north county’s leading dining destinations. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local charity.

San Diego Magazine – Best of North County Party
Friday, May 6, 2011
6:30 – 9:30pm
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort
Carlsbad, CA
$45 tickets online/ $55 at the door (based on availability)
A portion of proceeds will benefit San Diego Humane Society
Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Announcing the Winners of the 2011 JDR Industry Blogger Awards!

April 20th, 2011
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JDR_BlogBadge_NominationsWe are happy to announce the winners of the 2011 JDR Industry Blogger Awards! We had several close races this year and lots of participation. Winners have been announced here. We are pleased to bring more recognition to these industry blogs:

Winners: 2011 JDR Industry Blogger Awards

Please check back here in January 2012 for information about our 3rd Annual JDR Industry Blogger Awards. Our thanks to all who participated and voted this year!

New Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling: Glazed Lava Stone Countertops

April 15th, 2011
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PyrolaveOur design team is excited about the many possibilities presented by glazed lava stone as a design element in kitchen remodeling. Pyrolave, an international company specializing in “the art of worktops”, creates glazed lava stone by extracting Volvic lava from the Nugere crater at the center of volcanoes in Auvergne, France. Blocks of lava are removed by hand, cut into slabs, and glazed with enamel by expert engineers. Enamels are selected for their beauty and for their resistance – they must be resilient enough to withstand being fired at more than 1832°F. During cooling, delicate cracks (or “crazing”) appear on the surface, giving each piece a distinct and naturally beautiful signature.

There are several reasons why glazed lava stone appeals to our design team and our clients:

Adaptability: Glazed lava stone works for contemporary or traditional aesthetics. It is highly adaptable to its environment. In addition to kitchens, the material is also used in architectural projects, in bathroom design and in indoor/outdoor furniture.

Durability: Because of its unusual resistance, even acids or corrosive products do not alter glazed lava stone. The material is resistant to heat, stains, acids and bleach, scorches, and frost, and is UV stable (meaning its color will not fade.)

Originality: With its unique shapes and vibrant colors, glazed lava stone makes a definitive statement of individuality in your kitchen remodeling project.

Working with an expert team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can rely on experts who are leaders in their field. We love to explore the latest trends and ideas for kitchen remodeling and share them with you!

How to Frame Your View in a Whole Home Remodel

April 8th, 2011
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FrameViewOur team of architects and designers often talks to clients about the concept of “framing a view” during a whole home remodel. San Diego homeowners are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. When planning a San Diego addition or whole home remodel, a successful project integrates the home’s natural surroundings as an essential element of the design. Here are some considerations for framing your view:

Select Your Focal Point:
The first step in framing a view is to look at your property and decide which aspects you would most like to appreciate from indoors. Perhaps it’s your lovely garden or a special tree in your backyard. It could be an ocean or mountain top view. Maybe you’re capturing the city scape and bay from a high rise condo. Take some time to truly contemplate your surroundings and consider what you would most like to see everyday.

Framing Options:
Now, working with an architecture and design team, you can explore ways to frame the view you’ve selected as your focal point. One option is to remove walls within your home to provide an unobstructed view from one end to the other. Another idea is to design expansive floor to ceiling windows throughout the home. Sometimes, the addition of an outdoor area is the ideal way to frame a view. The options are virtually limitless, which is why working with both an architect and a designer can be helpful in finding just the right strategy for your lifestyle.

San Diego homeowners live in an area where appreciating the natural beauty of the outdoors is as easy as stepping outside. With an intelligently designed whole home remodel, natural beauty can just as easily be appreciated from indoors!

Warm Days and Warmer Nights: Cool Fireplaces for Your Whole Home Remodel

March 31st, 2011
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Fireplace2Those of us who live on the West Coast know that even during spring and summer, the coastal breeze can bring a chill in the evening. That’s why a fireplace is such an appealing design element in San Diego home additions and whole home remodels.

A lot of us think “brick” when we think fireplace, but today’s options are much more versatile and exciting. Some of the fireplaces our design team has been researching for recent client projects act as stunning centerpieces for the home, in addition to serving a practical purpose.

Fireplaces can be selected in gas, wood, electric or outdoor variations. Materials for mantels and surrounds range from the traditional brick, to glass, metal, wood and more. Whatever the aesthetic of your home, our team can help you find the right fireplace to suit your personal style.

Visit these sites for inspirational slide shows and photos of fireplaces and keep those home fires burning with a beautiful fireplace for your San Diego home addition or whole home remodel!:

Heat & Glo
Bloch Design

Work on Your Home to Work at Home: Home Additions for the Home Office

March 25th, 2011
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HomeOfficeHome additions can be prompted by a variety of lifestyle changes, one of them being the need for a home office. Is it time for you to save time and money by ending your commute and eliminating lease expenses? Do you have a burgeoning business idea that needs more room to grow than a corner office in the kitchen or living room? Here’s how home additions for the home office can make sense for your lifestyle, along with some ideas for designing the perfect work space:

Separate Work from Home:
It’s important to have a separate space for your home office, especially if there are children or other family members in the home who pose a potential distraction. Consider the idea of a separate entrance, as well, if visiting clients are regularly expected. Separating work life from home life means they will both get the attention they deserve. A separate space also makes it easier to define the work area for tax purposes.

Retain the Integrity of Your Home’s Design:
One of the most important aspects of designing home additions is the seamless integration of the original home with the addition. The addition should seem like a natural extension of the home, as if it has always been there. Working with a team of professional architects, designers and construction professionals, you can arrive at a design that provides the new space you need without detracting from the appearance of your original home.

Up or Out?
One of the first questions you will face when considering a home addition for your home office is whether to build “up” (vertically) or “out” (horizontally). Knowing the correct answer relies on expert knowledge about construction, the current codes and zoning requirements for your neighborhood, and how to effectively meld these restrictions with a beautiful design. A design build team with architects, designers and construction professionals working together on your project helps to assure a successful outcome.

Working at home can bring efficiency and creativity to your lifestyle … put a home addition for your home office at the top of your “to-do” list!

Treat Yourself to Small Luxuries: Towel Warmers in Your Custom Bathroom Design

March 15th, 2011
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TowelWarmer_JDRCustom bathroom design today is focused on creating a spa-like environment, a place of retreat and relaxation. Towel warmers are one of those design details that bring a daily sense of luxury and comfort to your home. Having a fresh, dry, warm towel to wrap yourself in after every bath or shower is a small indulgence that brings long lasting pleasure. Towel warmers have a practical side, too. They can be used to dry delicates and bathing suits or to warm baby clothes on a chilly day.

Our design team is currently working on a custom bathroom design for a client in Scripps Ranch. They got excited about a line of towel warmers from Antrax, an Italian design company with several collections of truly unique, artful designs. Take a look here at some of Antrax’s amazing innovative ideas for towel warmers from a variety of product designers.

If you are considering a custom bathroom design, work with a group of professional designers who can help you access the latest trends and innovations that work for your home and your desires. A spa-like retreat in your home is an investment in well-being and peace of mind!

Spring is Near – Refresh, Remodel, Rejuvenate!

March 9th, 2011
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SpringRemodelingWith spring just around the corner, our thoughts often turn to ways we can refresh our homes in the spirit of the new season. Are you feeling the approach of spring fever when it comes to your whole home remodel? Start planning today and you could be living in a beautiful new environment this summer. Here are some ideas for spring remodeling projects:

Refresh Your Lifestyle with a Whole Home Remodel:
Spring is an ideal time to start a significant project such as a whole home remodel. Schedules during late spring and summer tend to be somewhat more flexible and the weather more reliable. If you have been considering a whole home remodel for a while, now is the time to act! Transforming your home to embrace your lifestyle today requires an experienced team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Take the time to do careful research about the company you will be working with, try attending one of our popular, free design and remodeling seminars, and balance your inspiration with education.

Make Your Home Life Blossom with a Kitchen Remodel:
Kitchen remodeling remains one of the most popular choices for homeowners for good reason. The kitchen is the most used room in the home and a central gathering place for family and friends – a place not just to cook and bake, but to gather and celebrate. When you have an outdated kitchen that makes cooking, cleaning, organization and storage a daily burden, it can make you reluctant to invite people over or plan special occasions. With well planned kitchen remodeling, you can have the kitchen you have always dreamed of and open your home to visitors with pride and enthusiasm.

Brighten Your Life with Color:
A fresh coat of paint is a symbolic welcome to spring’s arrival. Could the interior or exterior of your home benefit from a splash of color? Working with the professional interior design staff of Jackson Design and Remodeling Painting, you will arrive at a color palette that makes sense for your lifestyle and your plans for your home.

A new environment that has been custom-designed to suit your lifestyle today will rejuvenate your love for your home … welcome spring with a remodeling project!