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On Super Bowl Sunday a Comfortable Family Room Scores Big in a Whole Home Remodel

February 4th, 2017
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dyerfamIf you’re planning to entertain friends and family during the Super Bowl this weekend, a comfortable family room with a dedicated space for the TV is a winning strategy. Here are some style points for the family room in your whole home remodel:

bosmanfamSpace Planning Goals
Working with a professional design team, the first step for a successful design is careful consideration of how you will use the space. If the Super Bowl isn’t the only thing you love to watch on TV, you’ll want your big screen to be a focal point in the room. Bookshelves could be a priority for some families, or a dramatic fireplace. A custom built-in can provide adaptable storage and bring definition to your space.

breslowfamChampion Comfort and Organization
In a room where you and your family and friends will spend a significant amount of time watching tv, socializing, eating and drinking, and playing games, it makes sense to invest in durable, high quality pieces. Couches and chairs loaded up with cozy pillows and throws make it easy for family and guests to lounge in comfort. A flexible seating arrangement with a few anchor pieces but space to pull in extra chairs welcomes more people for larger events. A clutter-free space is more welcoming and relaxing. Include practical storage for an entertainment center accessories, books, toys, and games in your family room.

Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl, enjoying movie night, or playing board games, a family room in your whole home remodel is a place to feel informal and at ease. With the guidance of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can create a welcoming space with your personal expression of comfort and style.

Trend Tuesday: Flooring as a Focal Point for Your Whole Home Remodel

January 31st, 2017
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blackking_floorEarlier this year, our team of professional designers forecasted the design and remodeling trends we’re predicting for 2017. Today we’re exploring one of those trends in more depth – flooring as a focal point. Flooring makes a strong style statement in your whole home remodel and it also requires practical considerations as one of the most trafficked areas of your home. Here are some ideas for how to make flooring the focal point in your whole home remodel:

Authentic Spirit
In this Modern Farmhouse the “Windsor” DuChâteau flooring throughout the home showcases the vintage beauty of timeworn hardwood. While the flooring is new and fresh, the style emphasizes the authentic nature of the design.

dyter_floorInspired Materials
In this Soft Contemporary Beach Condo, porcelain tile flooring with the appearance of wood weathered by water and sun brings considerable lightness to the space. The flooring reflects natural surroundings while also offering a perfect surface for durability in a home where people often come home from the beach with sandy feet – the porcelain tile won’t scratch as much as some other surfaces.

breslow_floorUnexpected Pattern
Playing with pattern is an inspired way to draw attention to a floor. In this Creative Modern Farmhouse kitchen, flooring was designed in three colors and placed in an unexpected pattern, establishing an inventive foundation for the space.

Experimenting with trends as a complement to your unique personal style is one of the most rewarding aspects of the design build remodeling process. Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you will discover flooring that makes a stylish foundation for your whole home remodel.


Open the Door to a New Look: Front Doors and Entryway Ideas for Your Whole Home Remodel

January 28th, 2017
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wellsdoorFirst impressions matter for homes as much as they do for dates and interviews. The front door and entryway communicate the aesthetics and craftsmanship of your home. Here are some ideas for front door and entryway design in your whole home remodel:

dyerDesign and Color
The front door is an ideal place to experiment with unexpected color. In this second home near the ocean, a fresh new color palette, along with statement art and a casual bench for storing towels and flip flops, immediately establishes the feeling of an inviting beach home.

Materials with Detail
When selecting exterior surfaces and colors, a professional designer makes choices that reflect a sense of place, your personal tastes, and practical considerations for long lasting quality. For this California Contemporary home, the top window of the door was created from glass made from sea glass gathered from the nearby shore.

blackkingdoorIntegrated Style
The welcoming front of your home should be unique and appealing while making visual sense with what visitors find inside. For this Modern Farmhouse, a unique Dutch door with seeded glass windows features battens on the bottom and a narrow shelf.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore exciting ways to make the entrance to your home as beautiful as its interior.

Tubs on Point: Making a Stylish Splash in Your Bathroom Remodel

January 13th, 2017
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lerach_tubA long bath is a refreshing way to soothe the senses and spend time in reflection. Spa-like master bathrooms bring daily energy and relaxation to your lifestyle. When you’re planning the bathroom in your whole home remodel, the type of tub you choose is one of the first decisions you will make. If you appreciate a long bath as much as a long shower, here is some inspiration for the master bathroom design in your whole home remodel:

steele_bathVibrant Color
In the bathroom shown above, a free-standing chartreuse tub with a matte finish is a memorable element made even more striking by a wall that anchors the tub with a bold curve of shimmering tile. A bench serves as the tub’s “deck” underscoring a connection to the water and the outdoors.

palma_bathtubDistinctive Shape
The angled edges of this classic white bathtub give it a more modern feeling. The bath is perfectly positioned to take advantage of views from the corner windows in this serene space.

Luxurious Materials
In this glamorous bathroom filled with light and sparkle, the tub was revived with a skirt created from glittering tile, which now leads into the shower with a concave curve. A quartz tub deck brightens the area with simple luxury.

Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will inspire your affection for your home with ideas that are the ideal match for your lifestyle. Choose the ideal tub for your lifestyle and you’ll feel like you have your own luxury retreat at home!

Get a Fresh Start to the New Year with 2017 Color Trends and Our Painting Division

January 6th, 2017
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painting1Interior and exterior painting dramatically changes the way you feel about your home. The dedicated professionals in our Painting Division help you transform your whole home remodel with fresh, beautiful color. At the start of a new year our expert designers often find inspiration to share with you from color experts such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Pantone. For 2017, the color forecast is interesting and varied, with shades for every style of home design. Here’s a review:

Sherwin Williams 2017 Color Forecast
Sherwin Williams sees several families of color as upcoming trends, including dark “Noir,” fresh “Holistic,” and daring “Unbounded”, all offering different methods of self-expression. See the Sherwin Williams Color Forecast here.

painting3Benjamin Moore 2017 Color Trends
Dusky, moody, and dramatic are the predicted shades from Benjamin Moore. Their color of the year, “Shadow,” is a rich, royal amethyst with a mysterious side. View the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017 here.

painting2Pantone Color of the Year 2017
At Pantone, “Greenery”, described as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring,” was selected as the Color of the Year 2017. Greenery is seen as a hopeful, calming response to tumultuous world events and a reminder to unplug from our devices and rediscover our natural surroundings. Read more about Greenery here.

Whichever color trends inspire you, we can help you bring them to life in your whole home remodel. We have decades of experience painting homes in San Diego, inside and out. Our longstanding reputation gives you the confidence of working with true professionals. Whatever the size or style of your home, we have the knowledge to assure you receive outstanding results in every detail, from start to finish. Learn more about our Painting Division here and give us a call to get a fresh new look for your whole home remodel!


Your Holiday Kitchen: Organized Space for Cooking and Baking

December 22nd, 2016
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swim_blogWith Christmas just around the corner, the kitchen will likely be the busiest place in your home. When you’re planning a new kitchen design in your whole home remodel, imagine how your holiday cooking and baking could be even more efficient and enjoyable! Here are some ideas for an organized kitchen you’ll be inspired by any time of the year:

Space Planning
The first step in creating a functional and appealing kitchen design is working with a professional designer to determine how you use your kitchen now and what your desires are for a new space. Together you will explore options and find the smartest solutions for your lifestyle.

Helpful Appliances
In addition to the major appliances you’ll select during a kitchen remodel, consider some other elements that are “must-haves” when you love to cook and entertain. A warming drawer, like the one shown in this historical kitchen, keeps food warm as you prepare a large menu. Wine refrigerators are another favorite of our clients who enjoy hosting company.

westlakepantryExpanded Storage
Cabinetry is an essential element of any kitchen design. An expansive pantry integrated with cabinetry provides accessible abundant storage for dry goods and more. This creative pantry in a seaside home was painted a whimsical blue inside.

knivesCustom Details
For a client who treasures her knife collection, this custom-built storage solution is a dream come true. She can now safely and easily access the right tool at the right time. What are the features that would make your kitchen feel uniquely designed for you? Working closely with our design team, you’ll discover the details that will make your kitchen personal and memorable.

Whether you’re baking dozens of gingerbread cookies or cooking an elegant prime rib for 12, your kitchen design can be planned to make your tasks easier and your time in the kitchen a pleasure. When you work with our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can have a kitchen you’ll love spending time in on Christmas and every other day on the calendar!


“More is More” in a Year of Bold, Moody Glamour: 2017 Top Interior Design Trends for Your Whole Home Remodel

December 16th, 2016
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“More is more” replaces “less is more” in 2017, expressed with dramatic color and glitz. From bold flooring to jewel-toned walls and oversized lighting, spaces make a strong statement. Jackson Design and Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including Dwell, HGTV, Architectural Digest, French Style, and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, selects favorite trends to spotlight in design and remodeling each December for the coming new year. Planning a whole home remodel is a thoughtful process that begins less with what’s trendy and more with what best communicates individual style. Learning about the latest ideas in design is an exciting way to spark reflection and inspiration for that process. Here are our design team’s picks for the top trends this year:

  • Rich, Dark Jewel Tones: Creating a mood of mysterious glamour, dark and jewel tones such as black, charcoal, purples, blues, wines, and especially forest green, are making interiors feel elegant and inviting this year.
  • Layered Neutrals: As a counterpoint to the bold color trend, neutrals communicate appealing depth and intensity when skillfully layered with tone and texture.
  • Terra Cotta: Terra cotta, a material that has been used for thousands of years, is getting fresh attention in interiors, appreciated for its earthy connection to nature and history.
  • Artistic Wallpaper: Intriguing backdrops are a highlight this year, achieved with meticulously detailed artistic wallpapers.
  • Oversized Statement Lighting: From modern geometrics to dangling chandeliers, oversized lighting works as sculptural art in a room, an architectural element with function and character.
  • Matte Finishes: In paint, metal, and tile, the subtlety of a more natural matte texture is a sophisticated finishing touch.
  • Dark Kitchens: While white kitchens remain timeless, dark gray, black, and navy blue are coming into the spotlight as a stylish alternative.
  • Brass, Bronze, and Gold: Replacing the popularity of copper and rose gold last year, we’re now seeing a return to the more classic glamour of gold, bronze and brass.
  • Integrated Indoor/Outdoor Living: Space planning with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living continues to grow in importance as modern families yearn for more open, connected homes.
  • Handmade, Organic, and Natural: Maintaining a relationship with the natural world by integrating woods, hides, fur, and woven textures in design makes interiors feel more comfortable and welcoming.
  • Vintage Modern: Translating exceptional vintage pieces with modern materials, colors, and patterns is a fresh approach with staying power.
  • Interesting Faucets: Organic shapes with a playful simplicity are a trend in today’s bathrooms, particularly with faucets.
  • Desert Chic: A seemingly effortless look that combines a love of nature with a clean aesthetic, Desert Chic incorporates Southwestern elements, leather, wood, white walls, and abundant greenery.
  • Smart(er) Homes and Appliances: Technology for smart homes continues to develop, making modern life more efficient and customizable, with the most popular adaptions those that allow homeowners to control their homes remotely.
  • Flooring Focal Point: Cool floors of every kind are underfoot in 2017, from engaging juxtapositions of tile to natural woods with deeply weathered textures.
  • Complex Patterns: Global, Tribal, and Aztec patterns strengthen the eclectic appeal of spaces with vibrant color.

Have you followed us on Pinterest? Take a look at our Pinterest board for examples of 2017’s most compelling trends. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you explore ways to incorporate 2017 trends in a way that brings beautiful individuality to your home.

Share the Joy of the Season and Give to Our 12th Annual Toy Drive

December 13th, 2016
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jpowtoysIt’s time once again for our treasured tradition of gathering Christmas toys for children in need. This is the 12th year we have partnered with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to help bring joy to less fortunate children during the holidays. We encourage your participation!

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program collects and distributes new, unwrapped toys as Christmas gifts to children who might otherwise go without. Toys for Tots delivers a message of hope to assist youngsters in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.

Each year our Toys for Tots boxes are filled to overflowing with donations from our generous community. It’s always exciting to deliver the toys our team, friends, families, and clients have donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, knowing we will all be making a difference in the lives of children on Christmas morning.

If you would like to share the holiday spirit by giving toys to needy children, please bring an unwrapped gift to our office between now and December 16th and stop in to say hello!

It’s Only Natural: “Greenery” is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

December 9th, 2016
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pantone-coy2017-heroshot2-rgb-1024x662Describing a human desire to connect more with nature as our submersion in modern life grows deeper, Pantone announced “Greenery” as its Color of the Year. The “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring” is seen as a hopeful, calming response to tumultuous world events. It’s also a reminder to unplug from our devices and rediscover the life around us.

Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

Greenery can be understood as “nature’s neutral,” according to Pantone. It’s a color that is always with us, even if on the periphery, and it’s now shifting to a more central, unifying role. An emphasis on Greenery is expressed in all areas of lifestyle design from urban planning to architecture.

pantonechip-15-0343-tpg-greenery-702x1024Pantone LLC is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

Greenery symbolizes new life and a pursuit of personal passions, a natural alignment with planning a whole home remodel. The color could be expressed in your home with paint or accessories, or with a space planned to emphasize indoor/outdoor living. If you’re interested in how to imaginatively incorporate Greenery in your whole home remodel, our professional design team can help you explore your options.

Chandeliers are a Shimmering Statement Piece in Your Whole Home Remodel

November 27th, 2016
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lovealvNothing communicates timeless glamour like a chandelier. With flattering light and floating artistry, a chandelier memorably defines a space. When you’re planning your whole home remodel, lighting is one of the most essential elements. Let’s take a look at how chandeliers can bring beauty and style to your space:

Lighting as Jewelry
Glimmering elements with unabashed luxury feel like jewelry for the home, bringing chic sophistication to their surroundings.birdrock_chand

Grand Scale
An oversized chandelier adds a dramatic focal point in your dining or living area. In open living spaces, a bold chandelier is an imaginative way to add definition.

Rustic Artistry
Chandeliers crafted from more rustic materials, such as wood or unfinished metals, make an original and artistic expression of style.

breslow_chandLayers of lighting are one of the subtle, important choices that determine the overall look and feel of your whole home remodel. Our team of professional designers will illuminate your choices as you explore the many options for chandeliers in your whole home remodel.