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Drones for Your Home: How the Latest Technology Helps Our Architectural Team Design and Build Your Whole Home Remodel

September 17th, 2016
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nav1Our architectural team is continually exploring the latest technology for new ways to help clients visualize a whole home remodel. Drones are uniquely equipped to assist in the remodeling process, helping us to see from a variety of previously unavailable perspectives how a whole home remodel will look, feel, and function.

A drone can fly over any property and map out the terrain. This is especially useful for hillside sites, allowing us to investigate a home’s footprint and its surroundings from all angles. With drone technology, our Residential Designers can carefully plan views in relationship to the ocean or other landmarks, and we can make even more thoroughly informed recommendations about overall mass and site lines. For the Sicilian Villa inspired project shown here, we nav2used a drone to determine the best way to plan the outdoor living space to integrate with the natural landscape while ensuring privacy from surrounding homes.

Drones strengthen our ability to give clients accurate, all-inclusive 3-D models with Revit software. Our team walks clients through a virtual representation of each project that is more detailed and simple to understand than ever before. We can show clients in a way that is easy to visualize where an addition makes the most sense, what the best location on a site is for views, where to design an outdoor living space, and much more.

nav3Our focus on state-of-the-art technology is balanced with artistic skill and hands-on experience. Using these tools helps our professional architectural team express their highest levels of creativity and present plans in a comprehensive way that gives clients increased confidence assessing options and outcome. Our architectural team meets weekly with our design team in structured sessions during which we share principles, ideas, and knowledge so that the team is unified in goals and methods. This dedication to consistency is reflected in our clients’ satisfaction with their whole home remodel process, from the very first presentation of concepts, to their beautiful finished home.

A+ Space for Homework in Your Whole Home Remodel

September 10th, 2016
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hinrichbedroomThe school season is underway bringing the nightly homework ritual back into your routine. Our professional designers find that many families seeking a kitchen remodel or whole home remodel ask for a space dedicated to homework. Here are some ideas that pass the test with flying colors:

Custom Built Space
In this elegant bedroom injected with a youthful spirit, the clients’ son can work at his laptop or spread bigger projects out on the desk at a custom built-in nook. Generous bookcases make it easy to stay organized.

plofficeDesign Space in Your Kitchen
A layout that integrates your kitchen and dining area allows you to prepare dinner and answer questions while children are studying. In this Mid-Century home, a light-filled corner of the open layout kitchen is a cheerful place to hit the books.

brownofficeDedicated Room
Sometimes the best solution for designing homework and studying space in your whole home remodel is a separate room. A library/office combination offers the advantage of privacy and enhanced concentration and may be a better idea for older children.

With the right elements in place, your home can contribute to a productive school year with more fun and accomplishment and less stress! Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals helps you explore a variety of options for home offices, libraries, or custom space for studying and quiet time in your whole home remodel.

A Place for Everything: Smart Storage Solutions for Your Whole Home Remodel

August 26th, 2016
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lowekitchencabWhen your home is organized and clutter-free you can more easily dedicate your time to relaxing and entertaining. It’s so satisfying to be able to put belongings away quickly and find what you need when you need it! Our professional designers help you explore the best options to make your space functional and appealing while planning your whole home remodel.

rehmblueInnovative Design
Bi-fold cabinetry gives your kitchen a modern look with clean lines and effortless functionality. In this Mid-Century Modern kitchen, white bi-fold upper cabinets make it easy to store a multitude of kitchen and dining accessories while making the most efficient use of space.

Custom Ideas
This striking, custom designed blue cabinet with intricate detailing serves double duty as a pantry for additional storage space. A professional designer can help you imagine beyond the standard ideas to creative possibilities customized just for you.

Unexpected Inspiration
This storage option in a Mid-Century Barn Retreat bathroom imaginatively expands on wallcabinetthe idea of a “medicine cabinet.” Placed on the wall, a tall, narrow space offers organized and accessible access with a cool, vintage-inspired look.

Enjoy the pleasures of an organized home with designs created specifically for your needs and lifestyle. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will show you how to integrate ideal storage solutions for every room into your whole home remodel.


Weekends to Remember: Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Space

August 20th, 2016
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burchby_outdoorWhen the weekend arrives and you’ve invited friends over there’s no need to keep the party inside if you have a beautiful outdoor living space. Love to entertain? Here are some ideas to keep in mind for the design of the outdoor living space in your whole home remodel:

Entertaining Style
Are your events usually an intimate group gathered together for a meal fresh from the grill? Do you like to invite a friendly crowd over to watch sports on TV? Is a family pool party your favorite way to have fun? All of these aselageoutdoorlifestyle questions are essential when you’re working with a professional designer to establish the best layout and space planning for your outdoor living. Starting with the focal point of your space, we help you select the elements that will work best for how you entertain, from kitchens and BBQs to seating areas and smart technology.

Balanced Design
While you’ll want a distinct look for your outdoor space, it’s important that it relates visually with your interior. Our professional designers are experts in integrating indoor/outdoor living both visually and functionally.

navarrawineNo Matter the Weather
We’re lucky to enjoy more livable days in our outdoor living spaces in San Diego than in many other parts of the world. Still, a smart design includes elements that protect from both rain and intense sun. If you’ll be entertaining at night frequently, you may want to consider a fireplace or fire pit.

Welcoming friends and family into an inspiring outdoor living space is one of the joys of San Diego living! When you work with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you can live in a space that embraces your life and style.

The Timeless Appeal of White Cabinetry in Your Kitchen Remodel

August 12th, 2016
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taussigcabsWhite kitchens are a classic choice with lasting appeal for your kitchen remodel, a timeless style that always feels clean and fresh. Trends come and go but white cabinetry has been the top choice for homeowners for decades.

Cabinetry is a significant percentage of your remodeling budget and dramatically influences the overall look and feel of the kitchen in your whole home remodel. The expertise and guidance of a professional design team is crucial. An experienced designer can help you understand the details of cabinetry design and how to select the ideal look, quality and value for your needs.

lowecabsBright, clean and adaptable, white cabinetry enhances virtually every type of kitchen design from traditional, to transitional, contemporary or modern. Once you’ve decided on white cabinetry, the next step is to select a style:

  • Shaker Style: Classic and simple, with clean lines and a sophisticated elegance that fits any decor.
  • Slab: Solid, flat doors often selected for contemporary and modern designs where simplicity is key.
  • Simple Raised Panel: Versatile design complementary to the architectural details in an older home or to bring a sense of tradition to a modern home.

rehmcabsIf you’re dreaming about a white kitchen in your whole home remodel, you can explore your options with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals to discover the best options for your style.

The Opening Ceremony is Today! JDR is a Proud Sponsor of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics on NBC.

August 5th, 2016
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rio-2016-logoGo Team USA! JDR is excited to continue our tradition of supporting this exciting international event. Leading up to the Opening Ceremony tonight at 7:30 pm, we’re running vignettes on NBC to celebrate Southern California Olympic athletes. JDR spots will continue throughout the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This will be the first time that the Olympics are held in South America. From August 5 to 21, over 10,000 elite athletes will represent 206 countries to compete in 42 Olympic sports. Longtime favorite events such as swimming, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball and soccer are joined by new additions golf and rugby sevens, which are making Olympic returns. We wish good luck to all the athletes and especially the Southern California competitors representing the United States.

We get chills of pride for USA athletes when we watch these! Check out our vignettes here and look for them on your local NBC station:








Rio 2016 Olympics: Rugby








Rio 2016 Olympics: Cycling and Beach Volleyball







Rio 2016 Olympics: Water Polo and Archery

Don’t Miss Our Free Design and Remodeling Seminar on Tuesday, August 9

seminar1If you’ve been considering a remodel, our popular Design and Remodeling Seminars are the ideal way to gather knowledge and inspiration for your plans. You’ll gain valuable information about remodeling that will leave you feeling enthusiastic and well prepared for your project.

seminar2Join us on Tuesday, August 9 to learn about how design build remodeling works for a whole home remodel, kitchen remodeling project or custom bathroom design. Space fills up quickly … register here today!

Our seminar gives you an overview of the remodeling process and one-on-one access to our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Seminars are held at the Jackson Design and Remodeling Design Center, an exciting space where you can see and touch the latest trends in remodeling, and are right next door to our new 9,000 sq. ft. Home Expressions Selection Center with hundreds of ideas for your home around every corner.

seminar3Topics Include:

• Remodel or sell? Is remodeling the best option for you?

• Design ideas that are functional to make the most use of your living space

• Choosing a contractor: What to look for? How to hire one?

• Introduction to a variety of materials, their applications from granite to quartz and more!

Our seminars are free and take place in a lively and engaging atmosphere … don’t miss out on this unparalleled way to learn about the remodeling process from start to finish! Sign up today!

From Farmhouse to Modern Home: Barn Door Ideas for Your Whole Home Remodel

July 29th, 2016
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murphy2A barn door is an unexpected design element that brings character and warmth to homes of every style. A barn door is a natural visual centerpiece. Whether between outdoor and indoor areas or as the entryway to any room in your home, barn doors make a powerful statement. Working with a professional designer, you can find the optimal way to integrate a barn door into your whole home remodel.

bkdoorWhile barn doors are larger than a typical door, they are practical in areas where space is of the essence since their sliding function takes up less room than a traditional swinging door. Typically most popular in rustic woods, barn doors also turn up in glossy painted colors and metal varieties.

murphy1Sometimes a barn door is so stylish it ends up featured on BuzzFeed! That’s what happened with this Jackson Design and Remodeling bedroom barn door in an article about the show “Fixer Upper.” Take a look!

Begin with Beauty: Stunning Breakfast Nooks in Your Whole Home Remodel

July 22nd, 2016
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westlakebreakfastroomA breakfast nook is a cozy space perfect for starting your day with family, enjoying a cup of coffee in contented solitude, or helping the kids with homework. When you’re planning the kitchen design in your whole home remodel, consider how a breakfast nook could add pleasure and adaptability to your lifestyle.

Comfort and Style
Banquette seating is a popular option for breakfast nooks, which are often encompassed by windows. Comfortable and casual, banquettes can also conceal additional storage for your kitchen.

gregbrNook with a View
A breakfast nook with a view is an enticing addition to your whole home remodel. Whether you’re looking out on the ocean, a backyard pool, or a flowering garden, in a space full of windows the view is an integral element of the design. Working with a professional designer and architect on your project, you can find the ideal placement for your breakfast nook to take advantage of your home’s natural surroundings.

rehmbrIntegrate the Look
One of the advantages of breakfast nooks is the smart way they make use of extra space next to the kitchen. Keep the “look of your nook” consistent with the overall design of the kitchen while also bringing some distinct personality to the space for the most appealing effect.

A breakfast nook in your whole home remodel gets each day off to an inspiring start! Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals can help you explore and create the elements that work best for your personal style.

Earthy and Bright: Balancing Woods and Color

July 15th, 2016
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blogbathThere are endless possibilities for experimenting with color in your whole home remodel. One enduring trend is combining vivid color with natural woods. Balance and contrast are two of the most important elements in a design and pairing wood with color offers appealing variations. Here’s what to keep in mind when exploring this design idea:

muellercolorChoose Your Hues
Bold colors are intense and powerful. A lot of knowledge and a little restraint keep the brightest hues from overwhelming a room. A professional designer can explore your favorite colors with you and guide you toward the most appealing for your home.

Set the Tone
Wood presents its own spectrum of color, from light ash or birch to dark cherry or walnut. Stains and other finishes further expand your choices. When balancing color with wood, tone is essential. The most visually striking spaces achieve a balance that grounds the design while letting the color radiate.

perrycolorBold, colorful spaces can energize and inspire your lifestyle. When you’re ready to explore dramatic combinations of color and natural wood in your home, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals helps you communicate your personal style with confidence.