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Don’t Miss Our Free Design and Remodeling Seminar on Tuesday, August 9

seminar1If you’ve been considering a remodel, our popular Design and Remodeling Seminars are the ideal way to gather knowledge and inspiration for your plans. You’ll gain valuable information about remodeling that will leave you feeling enthusiastic and well prepared for your project.

seminar2Join us on Tuesday, August 9 to learn about how design build remodeling works for a whole home remodel, kitchen remodeling project or custom bathroom design. Space fills up quickly … register here today!

Our seminar gives you an overview of the remodeling process and one-on-one access to our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals. Seminars are held at the Jackson Design and Remodeling Design Center, an exciting space where you can see and touch the latest trends in remodeling, and are right next door to our new 9,000 sq. ft. Home Expressions Selection Center with hundreds of ideas for your home around every corner.

seminar3Topics Include:

• Remodel or sell? Is remodeling the best option for you?

• Design ideas that are functional to make the most use of your living space

• Choosing a contractor: What to look for? How to hire one?

• Introduction to a variety of materials, their applications from granite to quartz and more!

Our seminars are free and take place in a lively and engaging atmosphere … don’t miss out on this unparalleled way to learn about the remodeling process from start to finish! Sign up today!

From Farmhouse to Modern Home: Barn Door Ideas for Your Whole Home Remodel

July 29th, 2016
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murphy2A barn door is an unexpected design element that brings character and warmth to homes of every style. A barn door is a natural visual centerpiece. Whether between outdoor and indoor areas or as the entryway to any room in your home, barn doors make a powerful statement. Working with a professional designer, you can find the optimal way to integrate a barn door into your whole home remodel.

bkdoorWhile barn doors are larger than a typical door, they are practical in areas where space is of the essence since their sliding function takes up less room than a traditional swinging door. Typically most popular in rustic woods, barn doors also turn up in glossy painted colors and metal varieties.

murphy1Sometimes a barn door is so stylish it ends up featured on BuzzFeed! That’s what happened with this Jackson Design and Remodeling bedroom barn door in an article about the show “Fixer Upper.” Take a look!

Begin with Beauty: Stunning Breakfast Nooks in Your Whole Home Remodel

July 22nd, 2016
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westlakebreakfastroomA breakfast nook is a cozy space perfect for starting your day with family, enjoying a cup of coffee in contented solitude, or helping the kids with homework. When you’re planning the kitchen design in your whole home remodel, consider how a breakfast nook could add pleasure and adaptability to your lifestyle.

Comfort and Style
Banquette seating is a popular option for breakfast nooks, which are often encompassed by windows. Comfortable and casual, banquettes can also conceal additional storage for your kitchen.

gregbrNook with a View
A breakfast nook with a view is an enticing addition to your whole home remodel. Whether you’re looking out on the ocean, a backyard pool, or a flowering garden, in a space full of windows the view is an integral element of the design. Working with a professional designer and architect on your project, you can find the ideal placement for your breakfast nook to take advantage of your home’s natural surroundings.

rehmbrIntegrate the Look
One of the advantages of breakfast nooks is the smart way they make use of extra space next to the kitchen. Keep the “look of your nook” consistent with the overall design of the kitchen while also bringing some distinct personality to the space for the most appealing effect.

A breakfast nook in your whole home remodel gets each day off to an inspiring start! Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals can help you explore and create the elements that work best for your personal style.

Earthy and Bright: Balancing Woods and Color

July 15th, 2016
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blogbathThere are endless possibilities for experimenting with color in your whole home remodel. One enduring trend is combining vivid color with natural woods. Balance and contrast are two of the most important elements in a design and pairing wood with color offers appealing variations. Here’s what to keep in mind when exploring this design idea:

muellercolorChoose Your Hues
Bold colors are intense and powerful. A lot of knowledge and a little restraint keep the brightest hues from overwhelming a room. A professional designer can explore your favorite colors with you and guide you toward the most appealing for your home.

Set the Tone
Wood presents its own spectrum of color, from light ash or birch to dark cherry or walnut. Stains and other finishes further expand your choices. When balancing color with wood, tone is essential. The most visually striking spaces achieve a balance that grounds the design while letting the color radiate.

perrycolorBold, colorful spaces can energize and inspire your lifestyle. When you’re ready to explore dramatic combinations of color and natural wood in your home, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals helps you communicate your personal style with confidence.

“Getting to Know You” Stars and Stripes BBQ Builds Jackson Design and Remodeling Teamwork

July 1st, 2016
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bbq8To kickoff the July 4th weekend, Todd Jackson and Brent Stevens manned the grill and the entire Jackson Design and Remodeling staff joined in to create a festive holiday BBQ team building party!

With a thriving group of talented professionals that has been growing faster than ever before, JDR makes it a top priority to retain the shared sense of values and mission that helps us build lasting relationships with our clients. Spending time together as a team dedicated to volunteer efforts, community activities, or company events, a shared sense of purpose is encouraged and nurtured at JDR.

bbq3While burgers were grilled to perfection, the team joined in a little friendly grilling of each other, using a fun quiz to learn facts about each other’s backgrounds and hobbies. The BBQ was held in the outdoor area of the Home Expressions by JDR Selection Center, with red, white and blue decorations, a spread of delicious food, and plenty of laughter and story telling.

Your Cooktop Backsplash: A Splash of Style in Your Kitchen Remodel

June 27th, 2016
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pruettbackA cooktop backsplash serves as a defining visual centerpiece in your kitchen remodel. With the right color, material selection, texture, or combination of all three elements, your backsplash can create a memorable impression. A professional designer guides you through choices that make the most sense for your lifestyle. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

The backsplash is an ideal area to experiment with color, from bold hues to intriguing layers of white, cream, metallics, and neutrals.

Are you drawn to a rustic earthiness or a modern gloss? With hundreds of materials to choose from, you can explore everything from exotic marble to glistening glass mosaic tiles.

Texture draws the eye in and creates a sense of form. Three-dimensional options like the rich gray shown in this kitchen marrying traditional and contemporary themes communicate richness and depth.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you will discover an array of options for the kitchen in your whole home remodel. Make a splash with your backsplash and express your unique style!

A Game Room in Your Whole Home Remodel Could be a Winning Idea for Dad

June 17th, 2016
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gameroom1Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19th.  If the Dad in your life enjoys entertaining family and friends, consider a game room in your whole home remodel dedicated to favorite pastimes. A game room can become a center of activity for mingling, friendly competition, and fun memories. Here are some elements to explore for a game room in your whole home remodel:

Ample space:
The room layout needs to accommodate at least 3-5 feet of space around the main game table. Areas for people to sit, relax and observe the game, along with dedicated bar space, are other elements of an engaging space.

gameroom2Integrated design:
The game room design should be distinctive while making sense visually with the design of the surrounding home. A professional designer can guide you toward an appealing balance.

Lighting and soundproofing:
Technical considerations are essential as you plan your game room. Layers of lighting, with excellent illumination over the game table and softer lighting in seating areas, is ideal. Soundproofing the walls allows for enthusiastic enjoyment in the game room while not disturbing anyone in other parts of your home.

Play to win! A unified team of architects, designer, and construction professionals can help you with essential decisions about space planning, room layout, and materials for a memorable game room.

Open House to Celebrate Home Expressions on Saturday, June 18th

June 10th, 2016
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Special Guest Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo’s “Flipping Out,” and music by San Diego jazz musician Gilbert Castellanos


Home Expressions by Jackson Design and Remodeling celebrates its launch with an Open House on Saturday, June 18 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Home Expressions Selection Center, right next door to Jackson Design and Remodeling. Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo TV’s hit reality show “Flipping Out,” will be on hand to meet fans from 1-3 p.m. Guests will also enjoy a special performance by legendary jazz musician Gilbert Castellanos along with food and a champagne toast. The event is open to the public, but guests are required to RSVP on the Home Expressions website or by calling 858.384.4196.

Home Expressions by Jackson Design and Remodeling is the latest innovation from Todd Jackson, President and CEO of Jackson Design and Remodeling, who has built his business as an industry game changer since 1989. With the 9,000 sq. ft. Home Expressions Selection Center now right next door to the Jackson Design and Remodeling headquarters, the two companies can handle almost any remodeling project for a client, no matter the size and type. At the Home Expressions Selection Center, visitors can easily see, touch, and experience hundreds of choices in cabinetry, countertops, flooring, windows, doors, mirrors, lighting, fixtures, plumbing, accessories, finishes, interior and exterior stone, solar options and much more.

RSVP today for Open House here:

Good Character: Design Decisions for Your Historical Whole Home Remodel

June 3rd, 2016
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swimkitchenA historic home has an original character with a sense of continuity, a respect for the past, and an admiration of old-world craftsmanship. When you decide it’s time for a whole home remodel, historical homes involve unique challenges. Their scale is often quite smaller than the modern norm, especially in areas that families use most, and rooms tend to be connected by many doors, unlike today’s more open spaces. If you’ve decided it’s time for a whole home remodel in your historical home, here are some considerations:

plpoolWhich elements of your historical home are you sure you want to retain?
If the original floors or ceilings are what made you fall in love with your home in the first place, your new design should respect those elements with careful restoration.

How could your home work better for your lifestyle today?
A unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals is particularly helpful when you are thinking about how to update your historical home for your modern lifestyle. Professionals can give you ideas for transforming the space that you may not have considered and their expertise can guide you toward the most appealing and efficient solutions to accommodate your needs.

pruett_extHow will your remodel align with historic home requirements?
Designing an addition or whole home remodel for your historic home that feels as if it has always been a part of the home required dedication, commitment, and knowledge. There are also legal requirements to consider for remodeling historic properties (such as those outlined in the Mills Act) that your contractor needs to be knowledgeable about in order to avoid costly revisions. Jackson Design and Remodeling’s team has the experience and talent necessary to assure that the integrity of your home’s original design and character is preserved.

A skillful whole home remodel of your historic home starts with decisions that a professional designer will guide you through, step-by-step. Your historic home can be transformed to beautifully enhance your lifestyle today while also carefully honoring and amplifying its essential character.

Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Space with an Outdoor Kitchen

May 27th, 2016
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outdoor1Long weekends inspire us to invite friends and family to share celebrations at home. An outdoor kitchen makes entertaining more expansive, adaptable and fun! Here are some ideas for the outdoor kitchen in your whole home remodel:

Integrated Space Planning
A design that integrates your indoor and outdoor kitchens allows for functional and appealing entertaining in any season. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your home with easy flow and visual harmony. Thoughtful architecture and design will unify your indoor and outdoor spaces along with the surrounding natural environment.

outdoor2The Right Size
The space allowed for your outdoor kitchen starts with determining the size of your grill and the selection of any other appliances you want to include, from storage to wine refrigerators. Consider how you entertain and your typical group size to plan for a possible bar area and flexible seating.

Welcoming in any Weather
A successful outdoor living area and kitchen should be adaptable for comfort during chilly evenings and the hottest afternoons. Firepits, fireplaces, or heat lamps ease the chill, while a pergola or tall roof makes your outdoor kitchen more comfortable when temperatures rise.

outdoor3Weekend entertaining is even more enjoyable when your whole home remodel is designed to embrace indoor/outdoor living. A unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help guide you toward an outdoor living space that beautifully enhances your lifestyle, creating festive occasions and lasting memories.