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Say Goodbye to Clutter: 3 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

October 23rd, 2015
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williamsstorageWhat distinguishes an “okay” kitchen from a fabulous one is the way the space works. When your kitchen is efficient and organized in addition to being beautiful, it becomes the welcoming heart of your home. Here are three ideas for storage in your kitchen remodel:

1. Smart Space Planning
An efficient kitchen starts with the layout. Professional designers help you with smart space planning to accommodate many levels and types of westlakestoragestorage. The kitchen shown above, designed with a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, provides much more storage than the original design in a highly organized layout. Several large appliances are concealed behind the cabinetry to retain the clean and bright charm of the room.

2. A Stylish and Functional Pantry
Though they never truly go out of style because of their reliable practicality, pantries are making a comeback in recent years in fresh adaptions. The pantry (shown above) in a seaside home holds a colorful surprise of bright storagefridgecolor behind opaque glass doors.

3. Storage in Unexpected Places
Expert designers have the experience to find and create storage space where it might not seem possible to fit one more pot or pan. This cedar kitchen in a cabin-like home hides storage for the
home’s prolific baker above the refrigerator.

When you love to cook and entertain, a functional kitchen is a daily delight. With the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can discover a myriad of ways to streamline and organize your space.

Come See Four JDR Homes on the ASID Kitchen, Bath & More Tour on October 24th!

October 16th, 2015
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unnamedThe American Society of Interior Designers’ Kitchen, Bath & More Tour on October 24th will showcase beautifully remodeled homes including four designs by JDR: Whimsical Mid-Century Modern, Family Centric, French Country Flavor and View Central Mid-Century Modern. The tour was recently highlighted in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine. See the article here.

Home One: Whimsical Mid-Century Modern
This 100-year-old Spanish home was transformed with a whimsical aesthetic to enhance a passion for Mid-Century Modern collectibles.

Home Two: Family Centric
This open and inviting home welcomes large family gatherings in a space that is friendly and relaxed yet classically focused on thoughtful design.

Home Three: French Country Flavor
An inspiring space for a devoted gourmet chef and baker, this expansive kitchen with French Country flair is a well-planned space to cook and share meals of every size.

Home Four: View Central Mid-Century Modern
This Mid-Century Modern home with compelling rustic elements beautifully inhabits its natural environment with breathtaking views and impressive design.

For more information about the tour, visit

Design with a New Outlook: Framing the View in Your Whole Home Remodel

October 12th, 2015
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westlakekitchenIn San Diego we are lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful aspects of nature that we can enjoy year round. When planning your whole home remodel, consider how to take advantage of  views to bring the calming and inspiring effects of the natural world into your daily life. Here are some examples of our projects that thoughtfully integrate the view:

Capturing the Coast
When a well-travelled young couple fell in love with the incredible views from this seaside home they decided to make it their own and completely transform the original outdated structure. The home’s stunning natural surroundings are now central to its welcoming, light-filled design. A bay window seat encourages gazing at the natural surroundings.

pruettviewHilltop Mid-Century
Panoramic views of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean are now central in the design of this home originally built in the 1960s. The new open floor plan was carefully designed to maximize and frame the view from every vantage point. Upon entering the home from the front, one can now see all the way through the new kitchen and out to the vistas beyond.

cameronwindowsBeauty in Your Own Backyard
After opening up a wall and extending an archway, this kitchen is now significantly more open and connected to the family room and living area. The new design combines thoughtful space planning and French Country elements in a dramatically brighter and more welcoming environment. Light flows in from new bay windows where the backyard view is now a focal point of the room.

Working closely with an architect is an important consideration when remodeling your home to take advantage of views. Architects are highly skilled in making changes to the exterior structure of your home, significantly changing your interior floor plan, moving interior walls, and adding new windows or doors. With the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore how best to open your home to backyard views and panoramic vistas!

HGTV Nominates JDR Designer for Fresh Faces of Design Award

October 9th, 2015
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CQkScrfU8AA5EQdJackson Design and Remodeling Department Manager and Senior Interior Designer Tatiana Machado-Rosas is among a handful of designers selected to compete in the 2015 HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Awards. The national awards program features exceptional designers in the categories Kitchen + Dining, Master Retreats, Kid-Tastic Spaces, Outdoor Living-Elevated, Organically Inspired, Crazy for Color, and more.

Machado-Rosas is nominated in the Kitchen + Dining category for her innovative work on an open-concept kitchen and dining space in a San Diego home. The JDR team led hinrich_after2by Machado-Rosas, along with Design Assistants Olga Trujillo and Priscilla Jimeniz and Residential Designer John Kavan, changed the location of the kitchen to take advantage of the home’s gorgeous views and to make the new kitchen the focal point of the home. The homeowners have an appreciation for both classic and modern artistry and wanted a kitchen that would showcase their taste for elegant and artistic design. The refined black and white palette of the new kitchen is balanced by the contemporary feeling of clean, disciplined lines, while the cooktop’s custom hood punctuates the space with originality.

hinrich_after4Vote for Tatiana Today and Remember … You Can Vote Once a Day!
To view all of the nominated designers’ projects and to vote, click here. Voting is open until 2:00 p.m. EST on October 30, 2015. Visitors can cast one vote per category per day. Once the votes are tallied, a panel of distinguished designers and architects will select the Overall Winner of the 2015 HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Awards.

Turn the Page: A Place for Reading in Your Whole Home Remodel

October 5th, 2015
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murphyreadingWith all the screen time competing for our attention, reading a good book still beckons with its unique ability to transport us to a different time and place with nothing but good writing and the power of our imaginations. Dedicated space for books in your whole home remodel inspires long afternoons and quiet evenings indulging in the endurable pleasure of a good story. Here are some ideas to embrace reading in your whole home remodel:

palmareadingComfortable Seating
Choose seating that you find comfortable for long periods of time, whether it’s a roomy and cozy armchair, a sleek and modern chaise, or a loveseat with lots of cushions.

Good Lighting
A room designed with ample natural light is essential for comfortable reading. A spot right next to a window is ideal. Over the shoulder lighting projected directly at your favorite reading spot makes reading at any time of day or night more comfortable and easier on your eyes.

gregreadingCreative Storage
Bookshelves and cases can be custom designed in a vast array of styles and configurations. For a client with an impressive art book collection, we designed a uniquely shaped spot built into the staircase. Remember that shelves can be styled to incorporate other elements that add beauty to your environment, such as art objects, photographs and mementos.

A professional designer can help you explore the many possibilities for stylishly integrating space for books and reading into your whole home remodel. Take a break from the screen and relax in a comfortable, well-lit place for books!

Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen Design: Classic Luxury Shines On

September 25th, 2015
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birdrock_ssStainless steel has been the most popular choice in kitchen appliances for several decades. Is it right for you? When you’re selecting appliances for your kitchen remodeling project, a professional design team can help you consider the following features of stainless steel:

Stainless steel is long lasting and resistant to damage. While it may sometimes pick up smudges, it’s very easy to clean and great for resisting germs.

Whatever the design of your kitchen, including traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern, stainless steel will be at home. It’s a neutral material that blends visually and enhances surrounding cabinetry and other elements.

Custom Choices
Since all major manufacturers have embraced stainless steel, it’s easier to find exactly the right size and style for your kitchen. When you’re looking for an unusual size or model, the ubiquity of stainless steel is an advantage.

coastal_ssStainless steel communicates luxury and works with many different types of wood and finishes. Exploring options with your own personal designer, you can find appliances that bring modern function and classic shine to your kitchen!

Mad About Mod: Mid-Century Modern Design in Your Whole Home Remodel

September 21st, 2015
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pldiningIf you swooned over the sets in Mad Men or simply respect the enduring style of design from the 1940s-1960s, you may want to explore Mid-Century Modern aesthetics for your whole home remodel. The guidance of an experienced team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you achieve a design that works for your lifestyle today. Here are some tips for integrating Mid-Century Modern into your whole home remodel:

Open Floor Plan
A Mid-Century Modern aesthetic begins with an open and airy floor plan. Lines are kept clean and simple.

williamsdiningWood Elements
Iconic mid-century masterpieces of furniture typically feature clean lines composed of teak, walnut, oak or rosewood. Wood elements help to add warmth within the expanse of an open space.

Neutral Colors
In keeping with the airiness of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, walls are usually painted in white or pale neutrals. This keeps the focus on statement furniture and art.

Indoor/Outdoor Connection
Many Mid-Century Modern homes were built with a guiding principle of achieving visual harmony by connecting the interior to its natural surroundings.

pruettkitchenWhether you’re remodeling a home built during the Mid-Century Modern period or bringing the aesthetic into a home built during another time, it’s important to mix design elements to keep the look interesting and fresh. A professional design team can help you plan your whole home remodel to express your personal vision and appreciation of Mid-Century Modern style.

Custom Cabinetry for Your Whole Home Remodel: Timeless Style in Your Kitchen

September 4th, 2015
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bwkitchenChoosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen is no “open and shut” case. Cabinetry is a significant percentage of your remodeling budget and dramatically influences the overall look and feel of a finished kitchen design. This is an area where the expertise and guidance of a professional design team is crucial. An experienced designer can help you understand the details of cabinetry design and how to select the ideal style, quality and value for your needs. There are many factors in choosing the right cabinetry but the starting point is choosing a style. Here is an overview of the most popular cabinetry styles in kitchen remodels today:

Classic and simple, Shaker-style cabinetry has a timeless appeal that works with almost any décor. The Shaker style has characteristically clean lines and communicates a sophisticated elegance.

Slab cabinets have a solid, flat door and are most often chosen for contemporary and modern designs. Classic simplicity gives slab cabinetry enduring style.

Simple Raised Panel
Popular and versatile, raised panel cabinetry can compliment the architectural details in an older home or bring whitekitchena sense of tradition to a modern design.

White Cabinetry
Bright, clean and adaptable, white cabinetry enhances virtually every type of kitchen design from traditional to transitional, contemporary or modern.

Most importantly, consider the existing architecture of your whole home remodel and how the cabinetry will work visually within its environment. There are no set rules for choosing cabinetry – one of the joys of working with a professional designer is exploring your options for creatively mixing different looks for a timeless appeal!

Back to School Season! Space for Homework in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 31st, 2015
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hinrichbreakfastWith the school season now underway, the nightly ritual of homework has returned. Having a space where you can communicate with your kids while they do their studying and you take care of other tasks promotes a stress-free experience throughout the school year. Our professional designers often work with families who want their space to enhance the dinner and homework hour. Here are some ideas for Grade A study spaces in your whole home remodel:

Custom Built Space
The built-in nook in the breakfast room shown above keeps the family computer convenient without distracting from the overall aesthetics of the room. A piece of art hanging above the monitor lends simple sophistication. French doors painted black let light flow into the space, which is open to the kitchen and dining room. Kids can work at the computer or spread bigger projects out on the table under a stunning geometric pendant.

pecsarislandKitchens and Islands
The unusual island in this California Coastal home was created with a trapezoid shape rather than with a more traditional bar seating style so that the clients and their children can interact while eating or engaged in homework and cooking. An open floor plan makes homework time easier, especially when children are younger and need more help with their ABC’s.

brownstudyDedicated Space
This expansive study provides ample light and privacy with traditional elegance. If you have the space in your home, a private study/office is a wonderful way to retreat and concentrate on school work or work work!

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore a variety of options for home offices, libraries, or custom space for studying and quiet time in your whole home remodel. Having the right place to study can make the school year more efficient, rewarding and fun for the whole family!

True Blue Surroundings: Celebrating the Color Blue in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 14th, 2015
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raynesbathColor is a powerful element of design that can subtly or boldly influence the feeling of your whole home remodel. Blue is the most universally loved color and one of the most popular colors for home design. Next to neutrals, blue is one of the easiest colors to use in your home because of its myriad of appealing variations and a good place to start if you want to experiment with color. Here are some ideas for using blue in your whole home remodel:

waltonColor and Mood
Color changes the mood of a space like almost nothing else. Warm blues, such as ocean or slate, have hints of red and work best in social spaces where you want a feeling of coziness. Cool blues, such as turquoise or sky, have hints of yellow and
make rooms seem larger and more serene.

Space and Light
The first step in deciding how to use blue in a room is thinking about how and when you will most often use the space. For a bedroom, calming shades of blue inspired by nature make sense. For the bathroom, crisp hues of blue contrasted with white convey a clean feeling. In a dining area, a rich shade of navy establishes classic intimacy. The time of day you’ll most williambacksplashoften be spending in a space is important, too, as color is dramatically affected by natural light. A professional designer can help you explore your many options to find what’s right for your home.

How and Where
When experimenting with color a good rule of thumb is to start small. Try a bold accent wall in your favorite shade of blue, a striking backsplash in the kitchen, or explore blue by using interesting accent pieces. The bathroom is often a fun place to explore color, too, especially shades of blue!

Working with a team of professional designers, your imagination will be inspired by the many possibilities for your home. When you’re interested in learning more about color or any other topic for your whole home remodel, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals guides you through the process with expertise and enthusiasm.