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A Warm Welcome for Visitors: The Fireplace in Your Whole Home Remodel

November 23rd, 2015
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blackkingfireplaceNo matter the weather, and those of us on the West Coast often get a warm and sunny Thanksgiving Day, there’s nothing like gathering around a toasty fire to bring comfort and good spirits to holiday celebrations. When you’re planning to include a fireplace design in your whole home remodel, here are some ideas to consider.

murphyfireplaceToday’s fireplaces are available in gas, wood, electric and outdoor variations. Materials for mantels and surrounds offer boundless opportunities for creative expression, from the traditional brick or stone, to glass, metal, wood, tile and more. It’s essential to balance an exciting and distinct design with materials that make sense in the aesthetics of your home. A professional design team can guide you through your choices.

The fireplace will become a focal point in your space so it’s important to think about what you want to include as westlakefireplacevisual surroundings. Some homeowners choose to place the tv above the fireplace while others prefer to decorate with favorite pieces of art and sculpture. Orient some seating in your living space to fully enjoy the glow and warmth of the fireplace.

The ideal fireplace serves dual purposes as a stunning design statement in your space and a practical addition to your smart energy plan. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can discover the perfect combination of elements for a fireplace in your whole home remodel that will warm your heart!

Cool Holiday Entertaining: Add a Wine Refrigerator in Your Kitchen Remodel

November 13th, 2015
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jdrhollandWith the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be entertaining at home. A wine refrigerator in your kitchen remodel makes it easy to store and serve your favorite wines and other beverages to guests. It’s a small luxury that you’ll thank yourself for every time you pour a glass! If you’re considering a wine refrigerator in your whole home remodel, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

Wine refrigerators are not only convenient for entertaining, they also take good care of your wine. They offer a stable temperature zone to store and age your hermosawinewines properly, plus protection from the temperature variation that happens in your regular refrigerator. Temperature stability is one the most important factors in sustaining the life and flavor of your wines. Chilling white wine in a regular refrigerator makes wines too cold, while leaving red wines at room temperature makes them too warm. Wine refrigerators, when kept at temperatures close to 55° to 57°, will give you wine that is at perfect drinking temperature.

Many homeowners opt to integrate the wine refrigerator into their custom cabinetry, while some decide to have a separate station dedicated to wine and other beverages. A professional designer can help you determine the ideal placement for the wine refrigerator in your kitchen remodel.

westlakewineA wine refrigerator is just one of the thoughtful details that makes your kitchen a central hub in your home during the holidays and every day. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can find the best ways to bring a welcoming and festive spirit to your whole home remodel!

Island Cooktops: Central to an Open Kitchen and Dining Space

November 6th, 2015
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vibranteclectic (1)An open plan kitchen and living space has become a primary desire for today’s homeowners, particularly people who love to entertain or have families. The kitchen island often acts as an anchor in an open plan, a place we gather during mealtime and socializing. When you’re considering an island with a cooktop in your open plan whole home remodel, here are just a few ideas to keep in mind:

Where to Look
One of the most appealing advantages to an island cooktop is that you no longer have to look at a wall while you’re cooking! Where in your home does it most make sense to orient the view? You may choose 18_6123848_47349-118to center on an outdoor vista or on an interior where you will most often be interacting with family and guests.

Choose a Hood
The designer stove hood in this colorful and glamorous kitchen is a piece of functional art. Its large scale works to define the kitchen in an expansive space while its curved shape keeps it from overwhelming the area. A professional designer can guide you through the multitude of styles and material choices available for a designer or custom hood.

6iG1SnZ5yk9106HJDB4Y2jwQcldi_PhUnHklpkYtFOs,zBFMkWhSRy9_-saKlO21jfWCR06VoSo1S94_Db9lA-USeating and Interaction
Consider how your island will most often be used. If you have children, will they be doing homework at the island? If you’re a couple do you enjoy simple meals at the island on occasion? Do you enjoy hosting large gatherings? All these considerations are essential as you plan the orientation, shape and seating for your cooktop island. In this Family-Centric kitchen for clients who frequently socialize with large groups of parents and kids, the island’s marble countertop was custom cut with angled edges to create and sense of movement and allow room for more stools when needed.

Your island cooktop should enhance your lifestyle and bring a feeling of enjoyment and efficiency to the kitchen in your whole home remodel. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals you can discover the design that is just right for you.

Trick or Treat! A Welcoming Front Door for Your Whole Home Remodel

October 30th, 2015
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blackkingdoorCostumed candy seekers will arrive at many front doors this weekend! Here are some tips for how the front door in your whole home remodel can be a visual treat on Halloween and every day of the year.

Your front door offers an ideal opportunity to try an unexpected color. The rich hue of this front door surrounded by rustic elements offers a warm and cheerful welcome.

Experimenting with scale is a powerful way to achieve exciting design. This grand four foot wide door (at right) was custom built to pivot open with a floating motion in a complete arc. Outside, it’s handle-free with a touch pad for secure entry.

The custom front door for this stunning Bird Rock beach home (below) was created by a local artist and framed by slightly frosted windows that assure privacy while allowing in light. Oversize numbers for the address add a stylish note.

hermosafrontdoorThe front door is the first element of design visitors to your home will notice and touch. With the help of an experienced team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can discover new ways to bring your unique personal style to every detail of your whole home remodel.

Design with a New Outlook: Framing the View in Your Whole Home Remodel

October 12th, 2015
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westlakekitchenIn San Diego we are lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful aspects of nature that we can enjoy year round. When planning your whole home remodel, consider how to take advantage of  views to bring the calming and inspiring effects of the natural world into your daily life. Here are some examples of our projects that thoughtfully integrate the view:

Capturing the Coast
When a well-travelled young couple fell in love with the incredible views from this seaside home they decided to make it their own and completely transform the original outdated structure. The home’s stunning natural surroundings are now central to its welcoming, light-filled design. A bay window seat encourages gazing at the natural surroundings.

pruettviewHilltop Mid-Century
Panoramic views of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean are now central in the design of this home originally built in the 1960s. The new open floor plan was carefully designed to maximize and frame the view from every vantage point. Upon entering the home from the front, one can now see all the way through the new kitchen and out to the vistas beyond.

cameronwindowsBeauty in Your Own Backyard
After opening up a wall and extending an archway, this kitchen is now significantly more open and connected to the family room and living area. The new design combines thoughtful space planning and French Country elements in a dramatically brighter and more welcoming environment. Light flows in from new bay windows where the backyard view is now a focal point of the room.

Working closely with an architect is an important consideration when remodeling your home to take advantage of views. Architects are highly skilled in making changes to the exterior structure of your home, significantly changing your interior floor plan, moving interior walls, and adding new windows or doors. With the help of a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore how best to open your home to backyard views and panoramic vistas!

Turn the Page: A Place for Reading in Your Whole Home Remodel

October 5th, 2015
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murphyreadingWith all the screen time competing for our attention, reading a good book still beckons with its unique ability to transport us to a different time and place with nothing but good writing and the power of our imaginations. Dedicated space for books in your whole home remodel inspires long afternoons and quiet evenings indulging in the endurable pleasure of a good story. Here are some ideas to embrace reading in your whole home remodel:

palmareadingComfortable Seating
Choose seating that you find comfortable for long periods of time, whether it’s a roomy and cozy armchair, a sleek and modern chaise, or a loveseat with lots of cushions.

Good Lighting
A room designed with ample natural light is essential for comfortable reading. A spot right next to a window is ideal. Over the shoulder lighting projected directly at your favorite reading spot makes reading at any time of day or night more comfortable and easier on your eyes.

gregreadingCreative Storage
Bookshelves and cases can be custom designed in a vast array of styles and configurations. For a client with an impressive art book collection, we designed a uniquely shaped spot built into the staircase. Remember that shelves can be styled to incorporate other elements that add beauty to your environment, such as art objects, photographs and mementos.

A professional designer can help you explore the many possibilities for stylishly integrating space for books and reading into your whole home remodel. Take a break from the screen and relax in a comfortable, well-lit place for books!

Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen Design: Classic Luxury Shines On

September 25th, 2015
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birdrock_ssStainless steel has been the most popular choice in kitchen appliances for several decades. Is it right for you? When you’re selecting appliances for your kitchen remodeling project, a professional design team can help you consider the following features of stainless steel:

Stainless steel is long lasting and resistant to damage. While it may sometimes pick up smudges, it’s very easy to clean and great for resisting germs.

Whatever the design of your kitchen, including traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern, stainless steel will be at home. It’s a neutral material that blends visually and enhances surrounding cabinetry and other elements.

Custom Choices
Since all major manufacturers have embraced stainless steel, it’s easier to find exactly the right size and style for your kitchen. When you’re looking for an unusual size or model, the ubiquity of stainless steel is an advantage.

coastal_ssStainless steel communicates luxury and works with many different types of wood and finishes. Exploring options with your own personal designer, you can find appliances that bring modern function and classic shine to your kitchen!

Mad About Mod: Mid-Century Modern Design in Your Whole Home Remodel

September 21st, 2015
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pldiningIf you swooned over the sets in Mad Men or simply respect the enduring style of design from the 1940s-1960s, you may want to explore Mid-Century Modern aesthetics for your whole home remodel. The guidance of an experienced team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you achieve a design that works for your lifestyle today. Here are some tips for integrating Mid-Century Modern into your whole home remodel:

Open Floor Plan
A Mid-Century Modern aesthetic begins with an open and airy floor plan. Lines are kept clean and simple.

williamsdiningWood Elements
Iconic mid-century masterpieces of furniture typically feature clean lines composed of teak, walnut, oak or rosewood. Wood elements help to add warmth within the expanse of an open space.

Neutral Colors
In keeping with the airiness of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, walls are usually painted in white or pale neutrals. This keeps the focus on statement furniture and art.

Indoor/Outdoor Connection
Many Mid-Century Modern homes were built with a guiding principle of achieving visual harmony by connecting the interior to its natural surroundings.

pruettkitchenWhether you’re remodeling a home built during the Mid-Century Modern period or bringing the aesthetic into a home built during another time, it’s important to mix design elements to keep the look interesting and fresh. A professional design team can help you plan your whole home remodel to express your personal vision and appreciation of Mid-Century Modern style.

Custom Cabinetry for Your Whole Home Remodel: Timeless Style in Your Kitchen

September 4th, 2015
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bwkitchenChoosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen is no “open and shut” case. Cabinetry is a significant percentage of your remodeling budget and dramatically influences the overall look and feel of a finished kitchen design. This is an area where the expertise and guidance of a professional design team is crucial. An experienced designer can help you understand the details of cabinetry design and how to select the ideal style, quality and value for your needs. There are many factors in choosing the right cabinetry but the starting point is choosing a style. Here is an overview of the most popular cabinetry styles in kitchen remodels today:

Classic and simple, Shaker-style cabinetry has a timeless appeal that works with almost any décor. The Shaker style has characteristically clean lines and communicates a sophisticated elegance.

Slab cabinets have a solid, flat door and are most often chosen for contemporary and modern designs. Classic simplicity gives slab cabinetry enduring style.

Simple Raised Panel
Popular and versatile, raised panel cabinetry can compliment the architectural details in an older home or bring whitekitchena sense of tradition to a modern design.

White Cabinetry
Bright, clean and adaptable, white cabinetry enhances virtually every type of kitchen design from traditional to transitional, contemporary or modern.

Most importantly, consider the existing architecture of your whole home remodel and how the cabinetry will work visually within its environment. There are no set rules for choosing cabinetry – one of the joys of working with a professional designer is exploring your options for creatively mixing different looks for a timeless appeal!

Back to School Season! Space for Homework in Your Whole Home Remodel

August 31st, 2015
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hinrichbreakfastWith the school season now underway, the nightly ritual of homework has returned. Having a space where you can communicate with your kids while they do their studying and you take care of other tasks promotes a stress-free experience throughout the school year. Our professional designers often work with families who want their space to enhance the dinner and homework hour. Here are some ideas for Grade A study spaces in your whole home remodel:

Custom Built Space
The built-in nook in the breakfast room shown above keeps the family computer convenient without distracting from the overall aesthetics of the room. A piece of art hanging above the monitor lends simple sophistication. French doors painted black let light flow into the space, which is open to the kitchen and dining room. Kids can work at the computer or spread bigger projects out on the table under a stunning geometric pendant.

pecsarislandKitchens and Islands
The unusual island in this California Coastal home was created with a trapezoid shape rather than with a more traditional bar seating style so that the clients and their children can interact while eating or engaged in homework and cooking. An open floor plan makes homework time easier, especially when children are younger and need more help with their ABC’s.

brownstudyDedicated Space
This expansive study provides ample light and privacy with traditional elegance. If you have the space in your home, a private study/office is a wonderful way to retreat and concentrate on school work or work work!

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can explore a variety of options for home offices, libraries, or custom space for studying and quiet time in your whole home remodel. Having the right place to study can make the school year more efficient, rewarding and fun for the whole family!