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An appealing outdoor area is the finishing touch that gives your home a sense of harmony and completeness. Your landscaping should be functional, beautiful and designed with the level of maintenance you desire. As part of our commitment to providing you with an enjoyable remodeling experience from your first consultation with us to the day construction is complete, Jackson Design and Remodeling has a Registered Landscape Architect on staff to help you achieve visual and functional unity between your home and its natural surroundings.

San Diego landscaping involves specific joys and perplexities. Living in our temperate climate, the outdoors can be enjoyed no matter the season. At the same time, careful planning is required to ensure a year of sustainable greenery. Well-designed landscapes are living works of art that improve with age as they adapt to their environment.

Our Registered Landscape Architect employs both artistic and technical skills to help you capture the essence of the relationship between your home and nature. Exploring the subtleties of your site, we consider how you will use your space, what features of your home you want to emphasize with landscaping and the overall feeling you want for the area - from simple and serene to lush and dramatic. We consider land use, irrigation, walkways and seating areas, water elements and planting choices.

A beautiful landscape design ideally suited to your lifestyle and the San Diego climate enhances everyday living and increases the value of your home. Working with JDR, you can rely on our professional team to provide the expertise and planning required for optimum results.

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Congratulations to all and Todd for being very ethical and professional - if JDR will not do my next project, I will not get it done!
Kay Autry