Sol Quintana Wagoner's elegant yet functional, contemporary kitchen

Entertainment center, bought on State Street in Santa Barbara in 2002

"This is the first piece that my husband and I bought together when we first started dating. We plan to turn it into a bar." Horn vase, Argentinean gift from Wagoner's mom in 2010

"This is an interesting piece because it's handmade, and it's horn that is heated then ironed flat."

Glass chandelier, Z Gallery, bought in 2009

"I like that it's feminine-looking, like jewelry, and it serves as the focal point. And you can undo all the glass hook pieces to make the chandelier as short or long as you'd like, which is a lot of fun."

Senior Designer, Jackson Design & Remodeling
Sol Quintana Wagoner, 39, specializes in kitchen and bathroom designs for Jackson Design & Remodeling. Having received a degree in architecture from her home country of Argentina, many of her interior designs emanate a worldly touch. She designed various projects in Buenos Aires before moving to Southern California and takes cues from her world travels as her design inspiration. Wagoner has received numerous design awards, including American Society of Interior Designers and Contractor of the Year. Recently, she and her husband remodeled their four-bedroom, twobathroom Mission Bay home of two years.

944: What style did you choose for your house?
SOL QUINTANA WAGONER: I like to design contemporary interiors with a touch of rustic style, using different textures. I grew up in the northern part of Argentina, where they have a rustic style to the houses and designs.

944: Tell us about the defining elements in your remodel.
SQW: My husband did the wood floors made with imported exotic wood from Brazil, [that come from] specific trees that only grow in Brazil and Argentina. We flipped the house because the bedrooms had the living room, and the living room had the bedrooms before we remodeled it. We situated the dining room and living room to face the (Mission) bay, and we can see the SeaWorld fireworks from our couch through the expansive windows on that facing wall.

944: What are the next home items you?d like to buy?
SQW: I really want a new couch that?s a low leather sectional to open up the room, and a brown and white patterned rug for our baby to play on.

944: If you could design anyone?s home, who would it be?
SQW: Dave Matthews. He's one of my favorite singers.

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