Jackson Design and Remodeling wins GuildQuality Award

Total Quality Management starts with Customer Satisfaction. These 55 Quality Leaders have the highest level of customer satisfaction among remodelers as measured by GuildQuality Inc.

Satisfying customers is not a merely a feel-good byproduct of a job well done. Apart from Total Quality Management, customer satisfaction has become a business discipline unto itself. Through decades of implementation at firms like Ford Motor Company and many others in the Fortune 500, customer satisfaction measurement - the rate at which your firm satisfies its customers - is a highly predictive indicator of future success in business. That is why Qualified Remodeler partnered with the leading firm offering customer satisfaction surveying and measurement to the remodeling industry, GuildQuality Inc. of Atlanta. The result is a list of remodeling firms that excel at satisfying their customers. It can be argued that these 55 remodeling firms - all members of GuildQuality's 2010 class of Guildmasters - represent the best of the best in all of the remodeling industry. Their profiles on the following pages offer a glimpse of the way forward for all remodeling firms.

What is customer satisfaction, and why is it now widely acknowledged to be a predictable indicator of future success? Beginning with W. Edwards Deming, an early quality management proponent who introduced TQM to the world through Japanese automotive firms after World War II, down through thousands of firms and many subsequent business scholars, it has been shown that satisfied customers - those who are willing to hire again or who are willing to refer to a friend - are the lifeblood of most businesses. When remodeling company presidents and owners confidently state that they do very little marketing and advertising because their wordof- mouth advertising is so strong, they are testifying to the success of customer satisfaction.

Today, during a housing downturn and slower economic times, satisfying customers can very well mean the difference between success and failure. If your phone has stopped ringing, it may have less to do with your success as a marketer than it does the lingering effect of past customers who are not willing to hire you again or those who would not be willing to refer you to a friend. Satisfied customers generally tell five people about their positive experience doing business with a firm, while those who are dissatisfied generally tell nine people about their experience. The lesson: Bad news travels a lot faster than good news. If you are staking your business and your future posterity on anything, it should be on the satisfaction level of past clients.

Presented in alphabetical order, the following 55 Quality Leaders, represent most forms of remodeling companies - from full-service and design/build to home improvement firms that focus only on the exterior - yet the one thing they all have in common is that more than 90 percent of their recent customers are willing to refer them.

Jackson Design and Remodeling

Full-service | San Diego, Calif.
2009 Revenue Range: $5 Million to $10 Million
Survey Responses: 127 | Referral Rate: 97% | Years in Business: 21

Best Practice: For more than 20 years, Jackson Design and Remodeling has developed and refined an innovative design build process which is truly unique in the industry, supported by a unified team of accomplished designers, architects and construction professionals. JDR's emphasis on process and people takes the concept and practice of design/build remodeling to a whole new level, providing clients with a dedicated team, enhanced communication and increased accountability.

Jackson Design and Remodeling