First of all, designer Tatiana Machado-Rosas wanted to ensure that the high-ceilinged powder room she was commissioned to design remained true to its size and function, while still representing the modern home's theme.

"As an effective solution, high ceilings like this create a bold linear statement that enhances the space's first impression," the designer says. "To complement the height in a minimalist fashion, a floor-to-ceiling backsplash avoids any distracting seams. The geometric tile mosaic undulates in a grid pattern, and floating out from the tile is a customdesigned sink with clean, organic lines carved from an earth-friendly cast stone."

The dark sink and subtle sandy color of the wall tiles are complemented by the charcoal-gray paint coating the accent wall.

"A straight layout of natural stone across the floor introduces soft grays and whites to balance the mass of 10-foot walls," she says. "Further adding to the sophisticated palette, a row of linear art niches glisten under puck lights with vibrant red glass tiles that hint of gold, black and white."

Placed strategically against the opposite wall, an ultra-modern vanity sconce casts a soft glow across the space. Lighting flanking the sink adds to the simplicity by allowing the tiled wall to be adorned with only a built-in custom height mirror. The powder room is devoid of visible storage, guaranteeing that the minimalist character of the home is portrayed accurately in this remarkable small space.

Tatiana Machado-Rosas' spare design for this powder room accurately reflects the minimalist theme of a high-rise condo. Custom sink by Abberant USA.


All six winners of the NKBA 2009 Design Competition and a dozen or more others are on the San Diego chapter's Web site Virtual Tour, says Hedy Rogers, president of the chapter.

The tour includes residential rooms of all types, but most are kitchen or bath projects. Designs include traditional, contemporary, Craftsman, Mid-Century, casual and eclectic.

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