What are the smartest things to buy right now?

By Jennifer Davies

(SAN DIEGO - August 21, 2009) While there are signs that the recession might soon be ending, spooked consumers are still being stingy with their purchases. That might be bad news for the overall economy, but it's good news for those lucky enough to have a little extra cash to spend. Prices on consumer goods have fallen dramatically in the past year, dropping further than any other 12-month period in the last 60 years. So if you're itching to buy, here's where you may want to spend:


Hankering to upgrade your Formica countertops from the '70s? Local remodeling companies say prices are about 15 percent lower than they were two years ago. Todd Jackson, owner of Jackson Design & Remodeling and president of the local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, says there are great prices on everything from countertops to appliances. "Granite was $50 a square foot. Now it's $30," he says. Sam Cribbs, owner of San Diego Kitchen & Bath, says appliance companies have deals where if you buy four appliances, they will throw in a dishwasher for free. Jackson says not only are window manufacturers cutting prices, but there are federal and state tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows.

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