A Third-Level Kitchen With Views

Located in Pacific Beach, the kitchen of this whole-home remodeling project was moved to a new third level of the home, creating expansive space and a welcoming and functional layout, perfectly integrated with the living and dining area.

The new third level is designed as an expansive open area for eating, relaxing and entertaining. The main focus of the design was to create a modern, livable space where nothing distracts from the beautiful panoramic views outside each window. Walnut flooring stained with a dark finish provides a solid counterpoint to the open and airy atmosphere.

The kitchen design is based on rectangular lines, with a tightly streamlined aesthetic. It was important to the clients to keep clutter and unnecessary design details to a minimum. Cherry cabinets with "flip-up" doors take up less space when opened; the cabinets' frosted glass enhances the feeling of openness and light in the new kitchen space.

In keeping with the home's modern aesthetic, each element of the kitchen, including the peninsula area, is designed with extra-clean lines and restrained color. Leather bar stools with chrome detailing provide a perfect vantage point for socializing and enjoying the view.

Jackson Design and Remodeling