Self Care on Valentine’s Day: A Luxurious Bath in Your New Home or Whole Home Remodel

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat yourself to a little extra pampering. A luxurious bath in your whole home remodel or new home is an experience that makes you love your home even more. Spa-like master bathrooms bring daily energy and relaxation to your lifestyle. If you appreciate a long bath as much as a long shower, here is some inspiration:

Blooming Glamour
Illuminated by a glittering chandelier, the tub in this glamorous master bathroom is an oasis of relaxation under a wall mural of blooming flowers. Dual arches lead into a shower for two with views of gorgeous natural surroundings.

Peaceful Zen
This serene, award-winning space is evocative of a Zen-like spa. An abundance of interesting surfaces, from the warmth of the cherry cabinetry to the subtle colors and textures of the tile, celebrate the principles of minimalism with an emphasis on extravagant simplicity.

Ocean View Tradition
A beautiful view makes a long bath even more relaxing. With its vantage point toward the ocean and rich, substantial materials, this award-winning design blends traditional romance and modern glamour.

The master bathroom in your whole home remodel or new home can be a serene and comforting space for relaxation and renewal. Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will inspire your affection for your master bathroom and every space in your home.