Homeowners are Discovering New Possibilities for Accessory Dwelling Units

Previously considered mainly as “in-law suites” for aging parents to stay close to home, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are meeting an array of needs for today’s homeowners. Built as attached additions to your home or detached additional structures on your property, ADUs can enhance your lifestyle and add to the value of your home. If you’re thinking about adding an ADU, check out our portfolio for inspiration and read on for ideas about the uses for an accessory dwelling unit.

In-Law Suite or Granny Flat
The traditional use for an ADU as a “granny flat” is popular for a reason – it is the ideal combination of closeness and independence when you have a parent living at home. The whole family benefits from multigenerational living as parents are able to live in their own separate space, with their own kitchen, bathroom, and living area, while also being close to children and grandchildren. For an in-law suite, universal design elements, such as non-step entryways and wider doorways and passages, are often beneficial to make the home safe and easy to use for all needs.

Wellness & Fitness Retreat
Our 2023 trends forecast predicted an emphasis on finding space for wellness and self-care at home and an ADU offers one of the more unique ways to bring a calming oasis to your property. A quiet place to recharge away from the bustling activity of the main home is a welcome respite. Whether the space is used for yoga and meditation, fitness routines, or simple quiet time with books, music, or art, a place for self-care right in your own backyard gives your mind, body, and spirit the priority it deserves.

Rental Income & Resale Value
An ADU on your property can be a smart path to increasing your home’s value with a relatively reasonable investment as potential home buyers appreciate the adaptability of a home with an ADU on the property. Building an ADU to use as a rental property, whether short term or long term, can also generate healthy supplemental income that you can use to contribute to mortgage payments and retirement savings.

When you’re considering the advantages of building an ADU on your property, it’s important to get expert advice. It’s essential that your ADU be designed and built with the same attention to detail as your main home and with a level of design that aligns with your primary property. You’ll want to work with a firm that has a depth of experience in designing and building accessory dwelling units that will add to the beauty, comfort, and value of your home. Our architects, designers, and construction professionals can guide you through the specific guidelines for ADUs and work with you to achieve your personal vision.