Mother-in-law Suites Growing Home Trend, Says USA Today

Mother-in-law_suitesTodd Jackson, President and CEO of Jackson Design and Remodeling, was recently featured in a USA Today article about the growing trend toward mother-in-law suites in home remodeling. According to the article, about 3.5 million American households last year included adult children and their parents, a number expected to rise as the country ages and baby boomers move into retirement. If this sounds like your family, working with an experienced design build remodeling team can help make the extended family transition stress-free and successful.

From the USA Today article:
“…To accommodate the growing demand, AARP teamed up with the home builders’ association to create a designation for Certified Aging in Place Specialists, who are trained in designing and modifying buildings for the elderly. About 3,000 builders, contractors, remodelers and architects have been certified.

One is Todd Jackson, CEO of San Diego’s Jackson Design and Remodeling, which handled the room addition at McCann’s home.
There’s both a physical component and a sensitivity side to these projects. The family needs to take that into account,” said Jackson, who noted that aging parents may be reluctant to move into their children’s homes, and may worry about losing their independence. “The transition will go over a lot better if you bring the parent into the conversation,” said Jackson. “Ask them: ‘What do you need?’ ‘What color do you want?‘” Read the whole article here.

If you, like many other families today, are considering bringing your extended family together by remodeling your home, Jackson Design and Remodeling can help. With our carefully considered design process and extensive experience with situations just like yours, we can help you provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful space for a loved one in your home. The mother-in-law suites section of our website provides guidance about the factors to consider as you make your plans, including talking with family members and incorporating ADA Compliance and Universal Design in the remodeling process.