Work on Your Home to Work at Home: Home Additions for the Home Office

HomeOfficeHome additions can be prompted by a variety of lifestyle changes, one of them being the need for a home office. Is it time for you to save time and money by ending your commute and eliminating lease expenses? Do you have a burgeoning business idea that needs more room to grow than a corner office in the kitchen or living room? Here’s how home additions for the home office can make sense for your lifestyle, along with some ideas for designing the perfect work space:

Separate Work from Home:
It’s important to have a separate space for your home office, especially if there are children or other family members in the home who pose a potential distraction. Consider the idea of a separate entrance, as well, if visiting clients are regularly expected. Separating work life from home life means they will both get the attention they deserve. A separate space also makes it easier to define the work area for tax purposes.

Retain the Integrity of Your Home’s Design:
One of the most important aspects of designing home additions is the seamless integration of the original home with the addition. The addition should seem like a natural extension of the home, as if it has always been there. Working with a team of professional architects, designers and construction professionals, you can arrive at a design that provides the new space you need without detracting from the appearance of your original home.

Up or Out?
One of the first questions you will face when considering a home addition for your home office is whether to build “up” (vertically) or “out” (horizontally). Knowing the correct answer relies on expert knowledge about construction, the current codes and zoning requirements for your neighborhood, and how to effectively meld these restrictions with a beautiful design. A design build team with architects, designers and construction professionals working together on your project helps to assure a successful outcome.

Working at home can bring efficiency and creativity to your lifestyle … put a home addition for your home office at the top of your “to-do” list!