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As accessory dwelling unit builders, we design and build custom ADUs, in-law suites, backyard cottages, secondary units, and Granny flats, which are additions to your home or new structures on your property. Our experienced team helps you arrive at the best solution for your home and lifestyle.

Versatile Uses for a Custom ADU

  • Short or long term rental unit
  • Guest house
  • Office Space
  • Personal sanctuary
  • Backyard cottage
  • In-law suite, Granny flat

Add Value to Your Home

  • Significant increased property value in comparison to investment
  • Quiet office to work from home
  • Space for yoga & meditation or hobbies
  • Private space for visiting guests
  • “Separate but together” space for family members

Build an ADU for Combining Households

Multigenerational living, when more than one generation lives under one roof (not counting young children or teens), has hit record levels in the U.S. Americans are living longer, retiring later, and leading active lifestyles later in life.

Together and Independent

With our carefully considered design build process and extensive experience with situations just like yours, we can help you provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful space for a loved one.

An ADA-Compliant Accessory Dwelling Unit

An ADA-compliant living space is one in which the occupant can use everything in the home without assistance from another person. “Universal design” encompasses ADA-compliance by acknowledging disability, aging and other differences as part of everyday life. Design features may include one-story living, no-step entryways, wide doorways, extra floor space, floors and bathroom features with no-slip surfaces, improved lighting and details such as lever door handles.

The Jackson Design and Remodeling team offers you an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience when you are considering adding ADA compliant and universal design space to your home. When you work with us, you can expect a space that is safe, accessible, comfortable and beautiful.

Speed of ADU Construction

One of the benefits of working with Jackson Design and Remodeling for your custom ADU is our streamlined process, which is unique in the industry. Since 1989, we have carefully honed our systems and procedures to make our clients’ experience enjoyable and stress-free. One of the ways we accomplish this is by accelerating the ADU design and build process from the day of our very first meeting until the day construction ends. Since we handle all of the details for you, you won’t feel rushed, but you will feel as if everything is being taken care of as quickly as possible.

San Diego County ADU Guidelines

In 2020, the California state legislature passed three bills that together removed most of the barriers to accessory dwelling units caused by a myriad of local restrictions. New California rule changes make the process faster and easier. Updates to the law include:

  • Faster Approval: California cities must now provide ministerial approval or denial within 60 days of receiving an application.
  • Up to Code in Five Years: bringing your unpermitted ADU up to code, which was sometimes a burdensome and lengthy process, can now be accomplished within five years.
  • Minimum and Maximum Size Requirements: Local discretion is now limited when it comes to establishing minimum and maximum unit size requirements, guaranteeing at least an 850 square foot unit ADU, or 1000 square feet for an ADU with more than one bedroom.
  • Reduced Setbacks: With the 2020 ADU rule changes, setbacks for ADUs have been reduced to 4’ for the side and rear yards.
  • Impact Fees: California cities can no longer charge impact fees for ADUs under 750 sq. ft. For ADUs larger than 750 sq. ft., impact fees are required to be proportional to the size of the ADU in relation to the primary dwelling.
  • New Rules for Garages: If you want to replace instead of repair your garage, California’s rule changes permit you to replace your garage with a new ADU that matches its footprint.
  • No Prohibitions from HOAs and CC&TRs: With the new adjustments to CA regulations Homeowners Associations or the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of properties can no longer reasonably prohibit the development of ADUs.
  • Parking Rules: ADUs, once required to have one parking space per unit or bedroom if they were more than half a mile from public transit, have been released from that rule with the 2020 laws. There is now no need to include parking in your ADU house plans if they are created within an existing space in your home or an accessory structure, like the house or carport. Replacement parking is also no longer required for the main residence if the garage or carport is demolished or converted to build the ADU in California.

Designing ADUs for the Main House

Are you concerned about how an addition will affect the appearance of your home? Jackson Design and Remodeling specializes in additions and independent structures designed to blend architecturally with the design of your original home. Our professional team is accomplished at designing both exterior and interior space including accessory dwelling units, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units, and Granny flats.

The Jackson Design and Remodeling team offers you an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience as when you are considering ADU builders to add ADA compliant and universal design space to your home. When you work with us, you can expect a space that is safe, accessible, comfortable and beautiful.

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