Begin with Beauty: Stunning Breakfast Nooks in Your Whole Home Remodel

westlakebreakfastroomA breakfast nook is a cozy space perfect for starting your day with family, enjoying a cup of coffee in contented solitude, or helping the kids with homework. When you’re planning the kitchen design in your whole home remodel, consider how a breakfast nook could add pleasure and adaptability to your lifestyle.

Comfort and Style
Banquette seating is a popular option for breakfast nooks, which are often encompassed by windows. Comfortable and casual, banquettes can also conceal additional storage for your kitchen.

gregbrNook with a View
A breakfast nook with a view is an enticing addition to your whole home remodel. Whether you’re looking out on the ocean, a backyard pool, or a flowering garden, in a space full of windows the view is an integral element of the design. Working with a professional designer and architect on your project, you can find the ideal placement for your breakfast nook to take advantage of your home’s natural surroundings.

rehmbrIntegrate the Look
One of the advantages of breakfast nooks is the smart way they make use of extra space next to the kitchen. Keep the “look of your nook” consistent with the overall design of the kitchen while also bringing some distinct personality to the space for the most appealing effect.

A breakfast nook in your whole home remodel gets each day off to an inspiring start! Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals can help you explore and create the elements that work best for your personal style.