Blue Mood: How a Strong Focal Point Sets the Tone for a Custom Bathroom Design

Memorable design finds its inspiration from many sources, often starting with the selection of one distinct piece that sets the mood for a room. In a custom bathroom design for a whole home remodel our professional design team recently completed, an impressive storage cabinet makes a statement with complex shades of subtly distressed blues. In a room defined by elegant simplicity with open space, ample light and luxurious materials, the decision to use one striking accent of color brings the design to a higher level of sophisticated appeal. If you are planning a custom bathroom design for your whole home remodel, here are some ways to experiment with strong focal points:

The Shower: Large, sumptuous showers with seating, storage niches and multiple shower heads bring the comfort and serenity of the modern spa to your everyday lifestyle. The position and size of the shower, along with the colors and materials selected by a professional design team to best express your personal vision, will influence the visual effect of your shower as a focal point.

The Bath Tub: If you prefer a long luxurious bath to a stimulating shower, an amazing bath tub could be your focal point of choice. Our team has created master bathrooms for clients with Japanese soaking tubs, round tubs, free-standing tubs and many more interesting choices.

The View: Whether your view is of the mountains, the ocean, or your beloved backyard garden, using surrounding nature as a room’s focal point is a wonderful way to achieve a comforting sense of place.

Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals as you create your vision during a whole home remodel you will explore many ways to express yourself with colors, materials and layout choices. Whatever mood you want to communicate or play with can be designed with lasting style when you have expert guidance!