Breakfast in Bed? Every Day is Mother’s Day in a Remodeled Master Suite.

Woman having breakfast in bedMany celebrations this Sunday, May 13th will feature a special breakfast in bed for Mom, served with love and appreciation. Some of the luckiest Moms will enjoy their homemade meal in a remodeled master suite, while other Moms may be dreaming about a fabulous new space as part of a whole home remodel.

Here are some of the elements to consider when planning a master suite remodel:

Make your suite as individual as you are: Your master suite should embrace your unique needs, desires and point of view. Working closely with a professional design team you can experiment with colors, materials and layouts that work best for your lifestyle today. Some couples have a workout space in their master suite, while others enjoy a reading nook by a window. In the master bathroom where spa-like luxury is usually at the top of the list for desired changes, storage might also be a top priority, or possibly an area for dressing and makeup.

Consider how you will use the space: A well designed master suite artfully combines functionality and aesthetics to create a welcoming sanctuary. You want a serene space that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation while also allowing plenty of room for organized storage. Carefully planned lighting is essential for the variety of tasks and activities that a master suite encompasses.

Make your suite, well, sweet: While they don’t need to match perfectly and will probably be more interesting if they don’t, the master bathroom and master bedroom should make sense together visually. The rooms should flow easily together with no jarring differences in appearance. Working with a design build remodeling team makes this part of your whole home remodel a stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Happy Mother’s Day! When you’re ready to see your dreams for a whole home remodel come to life, remember that working with a unified team of architects, designers and craftsmen makes the job easier for Mom and everyone else in your home.