It’s #NationalNappingDay! Dreamy Ideas for the Bedroom Design in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

Naps reduce fatigue and improve our moods, the perfect recipe for a better day. If you’re not a natural napper, a peaceful and comfortable bedroom can help encourage a little extra relaxation while also providing a stylish and appealing place to sleep anytime of day or night. When you’re planning your whole home remodel or new home our professional design team will help you arrive at new ideas to awaken inspiration for your bedroom design. Here are a few examples.

Architectural Serenity
This artistic master bedroom is an inviting retreat in a modern home designed with an emphasis on geometric shapes. One bold piece of art above the bed is balanced with striking sconces in a symmetrical design that promises calm. 

Zen Retreat
Being connected to nature is one of the best ways to find a sense of serenity. Open to an outdoor living space with lush greenery and a water feature, this warm and comfortable master bedroom promotes peaceful slumber.

Tranquil View
In the guest bedroom of this contemporary home, sliding doors open to the backyard pool and a panoramic view. The fresh air and natural light of a coastal location supports overall wellness.

Your bedroom can be a stylish oasis you’ll enjoy spending time in whether you’re napping or sleeping, reading a favorite book, or just taking time to be still. Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you’ll create new dreams as you collaborate on ideas that express your unique point of view.