Make a Small Room Shine: Remodel Your Powder Room with Attention to Detail

PowderRoomsWhile the powder room is usually the smallest room in your house, it’s also a room often used by guests, a space you should feel comfortable and proud to share. Experiment with design in a powder room’s compact area to express your personal style and make a lasting impression on visitors. Here are some ideas for your powder room remodel:

Design for a Small Space: First things first. The necessities of the room – usually just a toilet, sink, mirror and a small amount of storage – should be carefully planned to make maximum use of limited space.

Experiment with Color: A powder room is a safe place to be bold. Consider abandoning neutral tones for unexpected colors such as black, red, metallic, or your favorite splash of inspired hue. Worry less about making the room appear larger and concentrate on making the most of the space as it is.

Add Personality with Materials: Because of its small size, the powder room represents an excellent opportunity to play with high-end materials that might be too costly in a bigger room. Some of the favorite elements of powder rooms we’ve designed for clients include the jewel box effect of sparkling Swarovski crystal fixtures, the artistic texture achieved with intricate hand-painted mosaic tile work, and the organic natural beauty of a hand-carved stone sink basin. What’s most important is finding the materials that reflect your particular point of view and then working with a professional designer to realize your vision.

Bring Imagination to the Details: Lighting, carefully designed to achieve the ambience you desire, is essential in a small space. Creative displays of appropriately scaled artwork add interest and personality to the room. Rich texture can be achieved through the use of flooring materials and fixture selection. In a smaller room, each design detail is significant.

Big ideas for your small powder room remodel help you express your personal style with flair. Working with a professional design team, you can see your vision come to life in a way you will be proud to share with any visitor.