What Mom Needs Most: A Good Night’s Sleep in a Luxurious Bedroom

bkbedroomFlowers and chocolates are always nice but we’ve heard most Moms would appreciate just a little more sleep!

On Mother’s Day weekend, we’re exploring some of the ways the bedroom in your whole home remodel can be a luxurious retreat to comfort the body and refresh the spirit.

Natural Light
Layers of lighting are essential in a master bedroom design, a space where you will want to read in bed at night, see easily while choosing clothing for the day, and feel relaxed at any hour. Your lighting plan should begin with a focus on murphybednatural sources so you can see the stars at night and awaken to gentle sunlight.

Keep it Simple
The bedroom benefits from ultra-simplicity in design. This is a space where accessories and clutter should be kept to a minimum. Most experts agree that it’s a good idea to keep electronics and screens out of the bedroom if you want a truly peaceful night’s sleep.

palmabedPeaceful Colors
From warm neutrals to airy nature-inspired colors, make sure the hues in your bedroom are harmonious and restful. Emphasize rich textures such as cashmere and heavy cotton to please all the senses.

A master bedroom in your whole home remodel is a place for Moms and Dads alike to take a break from the busy schedules of everyday life and feel restored and relaxed. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can retreat to your own personal suite at home for some well-deserved “me” time!