Perfect Powder Rooms: Big Ideas for a Small Space in Your Whole Home Remodel Or New Home

Is your powder room ready for company? As the room most often seen by guests, our powder rooms and small bathrooms deserve the same design attention we give the rest of our whole home remodel or new home. Because of their limited space, it’s exciting to experiment with unusual materials and colors in your small bathroom. Here are three ways to make a lasting impression:

Texture and Materials
In such a small space, interesting textures and materials can truly be appreciated. In this powder room in a coastal home, thoughtful design is communicated with subdued color balanced with contrasting patterns and textures in the backsplash, cabinetry and flooring.

Express Yourself with Color
A smaller space is ideal for expressing imaginative ideas. In this colorfully original home, the new powder room is vivid with lively “butterflies and moths” wallpaper contrasted with gleaming black tile walls.

Mini Gallery
Take advantage of the smaller scale of a powder room to display art and objects that benefit from a closer look and might get lost in other areas of your home. The wall niches in this traditional powder room in a Tuscan-inspired retreat are designed to highlight favorite pieces.

A small powder room can become a conversation point and memorable design statement in your whole home remodel or new home. By applying big ideas to small spaces, our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals helps you envision a powder room that is just right for your personal style.