Relax Before the Holiday Rush with a Luxurious Bath in Your Whole Home Remodel

grabbathThe holiday season is underway along with extra parties, shopping and entertaining. To enjoy the holiday rush rather than feeling overwhelmed or stressed, what could be nicer than a luxuriously long bath in your own spa-like retreat? Here are some ideas for creating holiday bliss in your master bathroom:

The centerpiece of the master bathroom at top is a deep bathtub filled from above, inspired by the perrybathtraditional Japanese “furo” or “yubune.” A precursor of the American-style hot tub, the traditional furo is designed less for washing and more for long, relaxing soaks, the perfect respite during the holidays.

The free-standing tub in this nationally award-winning bath is oriented toward a light-filled wall of windows for a peaceful effect. In the evening, a row of glowing candles on the wooden shelf above the tub adds to a feeling of serenity in this colorful, sophisticated space.

A long deep tub placed near the window in this tranquil bathroom is the ideal place to escape from the holiday rush. An abundance of natural light makes it easy to relax indefinitely with your schmitigalebathfavorite book.

Taking a little time for yourself makes the holiday season a little brighter! Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can have your own spa-like master bathroom in your whole home remodel to make relaxing at any time of year a luxurious joy.