Romantic Design in Your Whole Home Remodel: Make Your Master Bathroom a Luxurious Pleasure

magbathValentine’s Day is a natural time to take a look at how you can bring luxurious pleasure to your master bathroom design when planning a whole home remodel. Here are some elements to keep in mind as you dream about a date with your ideal master bathroom!

Space Planning: The award-winning master bathroom shown above was designed to take maximum advantage of spectacular ocean views. A free-standing tub is positioned to create a lovely vantage point, inviting long, relaxing baths. Whether your bathroom is by the ocean, surrounded by greenery, or looking out on a downtown cityscape, careful space planning is essential to making the most of your space.

perrybathMaterials and Color: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a relaxing bathroom doesn’t have to be neutral! This master bathroom in a home inspired by mid-century modern design pleases the senses with luscious yellow tiles, alternating between glossy and matte finishes. Next to the sleek free-standing tub, a simple shelf is the perfect place for soothing candlelight.

Make it Unique: You’ll create a lasting relationship with a master bathroom that feels uniquely yours. This tranquil retreat below was designed around the ancient concept of a Japanese soaking tub.

ocbathHowever you envision your dream master bathroom, our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help you explore the best ways to arrive at your ultimate space. We help you express your personality in your home and fall in love with your master bathroom design!