Shower Yourself in Luxury: Inspiration for the Shower in Your Master Bathroom Design

A luxurious shower is the focal point of a master bathroom that feels like a spa in your own home. They’re so essential that our clients sometimes remove the bath in their original bathroom to make more room for an expansive shower. Our professional design team works with you to find innovative solutions for the master bathroom in your whole home remodel or new home.

Smart Space Planning
Spacious showers in today’s bathrooms often include benches for seating, sumptuous materials and natural lighting. A professional designer will help you visualize the scale and space planning that makes the most sense for your lifestyle. In this master bathroom with a bay view, a shower wall was removed and replaced with glass, making the space feel significantly more open and airy. A wall of gleaming white tiles in an undulating 3-dimensional pattern starts in the shower and continues to the back of the room, evoking an endless horizon and strengthening the illusion of more space.

What’s Inside the Shower
How your shower feels is just as important as how it looks. Rainhead showers give you the pleasant sensation of a being drenched in a spring downpour. A mist-spray showerhead is soft, tranquil and relaxing. Many of today’s showerheads also offer options for low-flow to conserve precious resources. Handheld fixtures allowing you to directly spray exactly where and how you need it. For luxurious pampering or attention to sore parts of the body, body sprays provide comfort and hydrotherapy.

Designed Just for You
Today’s showers can be thoroughly customized to create your own personal version of luxury, from showerheads to body sprays, all with the option to adjust stream and spray styles. Responsive technology allows for preset sprays, aromatherapy, temperatures, music, steam and water use to create a memorable experience. Customization can apply to scale as well; the exceptionally large marble shower in this tranquil white master bathroom is especially appreciated by the husband, who is very tall.

A place to relax, retreat or rejuvenate, a luxurious master bathroom design is an essential element of your whole home remodel or new home. Working with a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals, you can bring the spa experience home with your own personal style.