Tubs on Point: Making a Stylish Splash in Your Bathroom Remodel

lerach_tubA long bath is a refreshing way to soothe the senses and spend time in reflection. Spa-like master bathrooms bring daily energy and relaxation to your lifestyle. When you’re planning the bathroom in your whole home remodel, the type of tub you choose is one of the first decisions you will make. If you appreciate a long bath as much as a long shower, here is some inspiration for the master bathroom design in your whole home remodel:

steele_bathVibrant Color
In the bathroom shown above, a free-standing chartreuse tub with a matte finish is a memorable element made even more striking by a wall that anchors the tub with a bold curve of shimmering tile. A bench serves as the tub’s “deck” underscoring a connection to the water and the outdoors.

palma_bathtubDistinctive Shape
The angled edges of this classic white bathtub give it a more modern feeling. The bath is perfectly positioned to take advantage of views from the corner windows in this serene space.

Luxurious Materials
In this glamorous bathroom filled with light and sparkle, the tub was revived with a skirt created from glittering tile, which now leads into the shower with a concave curve. A quartz tub deck brightens the area with simple luxury.

Our unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals will inspire your affection for your home with ideas that are the ideal match for your lifestyle. Choose the ideal tub for your lifestyle and you’ll feel like you have your own luxury retreat at home!