A young professional couple with small children wanted to dramatically transform their registered historical home, built in the 1920s in an “Eclectic Mediterranean” style inspired by Old Hollywood. The family needed significantly more living space and they wanted to bring their own unique style to the home while honoring its original character. The couple wanted to enhance family and dog friendly indoor/outdoor living and capture the amazing views of natural surroundings from the expansive backyard.

Historical registry designation required exacting attention to detail in the architectural planning of this extensive whole home remodel, which doubled the home’s original square footage. The front part of the home had to be preserved when additional space was added. The new build could not exactly match the existing historical structure; the connection point between “old” and “new” needed to be evident. The added space could not dominate the existing structure in mass or height. Working within these constraints and several others, the new design is a stunning extension of a classically appealing design. This colorfully original home is an ideal environment for clients who love to express their personalities in their living space, welcome friends and neighbors for indoor/outdoor family fun, and entertain with style.


The existing home was built in 1928 in a neighborhood of homes inspired by Old Hollywood. The home had charm but the clients needed much more space for their family’s lifestyle.


Historical Registry designation required that the front of the home follow exact guidelines including keeping the windows, doors, and pathways in the same place.
While the whole home remodel more than doubled the original square footage of the home, Historical Registry requirements dictated that none of the new space’s mass dominate the 1920s structure.
The front of the home now feels more clean, modern, and balanced, while communicating the spirit of the historical design.
The library with a striking fireplace and pitched beam ceiling is the first room one enters through the front door of the home.
The library was kept close to its original design with vibrant teal, blue, and purple to enliven the space and heavy trusses added to the ceiling to emphasize a historic feeling.
A powder room near the library was small and unremarkable. The clients wanted a bold and colorful design.
The new powder room is a burst of exciting color derived from lively “butterflies and moths” wallpaper contrasted with gleaming black tile walls.
The existing dark dining room was uninspiring for a couple who loves to entertain.
In the new design, the wide hallway leading from the front door encompasses a dining room and bar in the transition between the original home and the new space.
The kitchen in the existing home was small and outdated. The clients desired a spacious and integrated kitchen and family room area connected to the outdoors.
Steps from the bar lead to the new kitchen where timeless Shaker style cabinetry is balanced with antique brass and formal details.
The kitchen in the original home was cramped and outdated with an awkward navigation.
The spacious open kitchen now incorporates abundant storage and appliances with carefully considered space planning.
The original living space was bland and dated with no connection to stunning natural surroundings.
The new family room is wrapped in glass doors that let the outside in. The young family spends most of their time in this space.
A bathroom used primarily after swimming in the pool was very small and lacked any design or style.
The blue sink was one of the first elements selected for the new design with pretty floral wallpaper in shades of blue and pink.
The existing laundry rooms in the home were bland. The clients wanted to live with more lively colors.
One of the new laundry rooms is a tribute to the family's beloved Daschunds and includes a doggie door to an outside area where the pups can play.
The existing home was not designed to encompass indoor/outdoor living.
A seating area and outdoor kitchen under a covered patio now invite relaxed outdoor family meals and entertaining.
The existing outdoor space was neglected and disorderly.
The outdoor living space is now thoughtfully organized in an appealing design.
Originally the pool felt separated from the rest of the outdoor living area and the design was a jumble of obstacles.
The new design called for a infinity edge pool to emphasize and extend the hilltop views, especially at night when the pool mirrors golden sunset light.
The clients adored the tile design of the existing bathroom but the space lacked functionality and its navigation was less than ideal.
The new bathroom was faithfully recreated with modern functionality.
The existing area for the master suite was dark, dated, and lacking in thoughtful design.
The new tongue and groove ceiling and super thick fluffy carpet add warmth and comfort to this inviting master bedroom retreat.
The original bathroom was a holdover from earlier times.
A free standing tub, illuminated by a glittering chandelier, is an oasis of relaxation in the stunning new master bathroom.
The clients wanted to expand the existing garage to encompass space for two cars and a workshop on the bottom level and a guest suite studio on the upper level.
On the back of the new guest house, a wraparound upper deck now allows for expansive views of the home’s surroundings.

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