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For a couple with two children who value art and family, love to cook large Italian meals, and frequently entertain, their Rancho Santa Fe home was limiting and uninspiring.

The wife is a retired ballet dancer who appreciates both classic form and modern artistry. The clients wanted a more cohesive floor plan with much more natural light. They hoped for a space both elegant and welcoming, in keeping with their artistic, yet relaxed and unpretentious personalities. The primary architectural design decisions were to relocate the kitchen to maximize the appreciation of the amazing natural vista, define the kitchen as a central gathering space, and integrate the other living spaces for a more open flow. In the kitchen, 11′ high windows and French doors in striking black allow abundant natural light to flow in.

The breakfast area is now one of the family’s favorite places to spend time, surrounded by beautiful, panoramic views. The family room, once barely used because of its position in the home, is now a welcoming retreat. Previously a cramped space with rooms inexplicably positioned to ignore its incredible natural surroundings, this magnificent home now balances striking classical and contemporary elements in an expression of graceful chic that fully embraces the outdoors.


The original kitchen was placed in a part of the home that failed to take advantage of spectacular surrounding views. The room was dark and outdated.


Relocating the kitchen significantly increased natural light and enhanced connection with the rest of the living space and with the backyard.
The existing sink area was dark and cramped in a scale that made little sense in such a large, stately home. The windows did not take advantage of the home’s most stunning views.
In the new sink area, the 11′ high windows were designed in a corner wrap that brings the amazing views of natural surroundings into the space.
The cooktop in the existing design was not only unappealing, it was also unsafe. For clients who love to cook and entertain at home, the space was frustrating and uninspiring.
The cooktop area is now a dazzling space with a backsplash in Calacatta Honed Marble, granite countertops in Brown Antique Satin, and a custom hood in a sleek, modern design.
The baffling placement of the original kitchen isolated it from the rest of the home, obscured the best views, and cut off the breakfast area.
The breakfast area is now a beautifully open, light-filled space connected to the rest of the home and to the natural surroundings.
A cabinet tucked away in a corner was the “home office” and homework area in the existing design.
A nook now situates the computer in the breakfast area where the family can easily interact during homework and meal times.
The overall mood of the existing home was disconnected, heavy and dark. The family room was positioned in the back of the home and rarely used.
In its new location, the family room is now a bright and welcoming space for relaxing and entertaining.
Dark and neglected, the previous family room was removed from any other common area so the family spent very little time there.
Where the fireplace and two heavy built-ins once blocked off the room, an opening to the hallway vastly increases light and circulation.
An existing bedroom was dark and unwelcoming, with little detail and no visual relationship to the home’s design.
Urban-inspired wall art injects a youthful spirit in this new bedroom for the homeowners’ son.
The original laundry room was cramped and cluttered with little room for completing chores with any sense of efficiency or pleasure.
Luxurious materials distinguish the spacious new laundry room. A marble backsplash and classic color palette convey elegance.

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