With lines and colors inspired by the artist Mondrian, the architecture of this striking home seems to reach toward the nearby ocean from every angle. The extensive whole home remodel was designed for a couple with two children who moved from a rural environment and wanted to embrace coastal living in their stunning home situated in a quirky bohemian beach town.

The couple appreciated the history of the existing adobe and wanted to retain some of its character. They’re also art lovers who are inspired by color and creative ideas. The decision to retain the existing adobe structure and push through the middle with an exciting modern structure makes an innovative design statement balancing original character with modern ideas – the future rushing by the past.

The architectural design proportions and colors of the home are inspired by the artist Mondrian, known for bold hues and disciplined geometrics. Inside the home, precise attention to proportion and courageous use of color emphasizes an artistic point of view. The bold upper deck with its definitive roof is accessible only by an outer spiral staircase, which playfully winds up with the promise of incredible 180 degree views.


The original adobe home had appealing character and an ideal location with beautiful natural surroundings and views but the family needed much more space for their lifestyle.


The new design integrates the original adobe home on either side. The new modern structure seems to push through the existing adobe, like the future rushing by the past.
The existing home did not take advantage of its seaside location.
Building the new deck exactly even with the interior floor draws the eye toward the home’s amazing views.
The existing kitchen was small and dull with little storage or personality.
The new kitchen and dining space is a welcoming and colorful space for the family to congregate.
The design of the original kitchen was bare bones and uninspiring for clients who enjoy entertaining family and friends.
The new kitchen design enhances family life while also providing the perfect setting for cooking and entertaining.
The original stove in the existing kitchen was standard fare and storage was at a minimum.
The bright orange stove in the new kitchen pops a bright and happy vibe into its surroundings.
An existing powder room was serviceable but dull, with outdated fixtures and no style.
The new powder room is a memorable showstopper with the vivid colors of a sunny day at the beach.
The existing master bedroom was bland and outdated.
The new master bedroom is now in what was once the original adobe’s living space, integrating its fireplace surrounded by a wall of tile.
The design of the original master bathroom lacked style and needed significant updating.
The strikingly original master bathroom design is inspired by Mondrian geometrics and Mid-Century lines.

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