This colorful whole home remodel was designed for a retired couple who wanted to creatively express their personalities in the home they had lived in for 15  years. The couple combined two styles: he preferred American traditional and classic looks; she was attracted to fun, contemporary, and arty ideas. They both loved to cook and have their grandchildren over for family meals. The home needed to integrate some of the couple’s inherited antiques while presenting a modern feel and balancing the couple’s styles. While staying within its existing footprint with no walls removed, the home was dramatically transformed.

All new lighting fixtures, window casings, and flooring now set the stage from top to bottom for the bright elements brought into the home. In the kitchen, the layout integrates effectively with the living space while encompassing much more storage and making it easy to cook with visiting grandkids. In the living space, wider glass doors were designed to capture the outdoor living area and the view beyond. The home is now eclectic, bright, and fun, with a fresh take on contemporary design.


Built in the 1980s, the home had good structure but the overall design was bland.


In the new design, the clients' treasured antique piano takes center stage in a room now transformed with color and pattern.
The original entry was not well defined and was surrounded by dull colors and elements.
The mix of antiques and modern ideas create a much more welcoming and engaging entry.
The existing dining room didn’t take advantage of surrounding space.
A chartreuse bench and dining chairs now surround the existing dining table. A grand chandelier accentuates the home’s high ceilings while giving the space exciting definition.
An existing storage cabinet in the space between the dining room and kitchen was in need of a stylish update.
A coffee station and beverage center with abundant storage replaced the existing cabinet and a space that once held a walk-in pantry.
The existing kitchen was very dark and traditional with outdated cabinetry and appliances.
The new island is a generous size and retains some traditional elements, such as the cup handle hardware and walnut with a warm, intriguing grain and finish.
The awkward layout of the original kitchen made the space feel cramped and difficult to navigate.
Strategic space planning makes the kitchen significantly more functional and streamlined.
Even surrounded by windows, the existing breakfast nook felt dark and unexciting.
Now the light-filled breakfast nook is defined by an ultra modern light fixture. The casing on the windows is designed as one unit for a more dramatic look.
The existing living space featured an old purple sofa and a fireplace with an outdated design.
The kitchen is open to the living space, now full of color, pattern, and texture that brightens the entire space.

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