A Bright Hello: Entryway Lighting Design for Your New Home or Whole Home Remodel

Statement lighting makes a brilliant impression in the entryway of your whole home remodel or new home. Discover some bright ideas for saying “hello!” with style:

Artistic and Sculptural
The design of this condo for artistic empty nesters encompasses warm materials, interesting textures, and bold colors. From the front entry and stairs, the space feels immediately bright and engaging with a stunning architectural light illuminating the entry hall.

Elegant and Glamorous
Truly a “grand” entrance, the foyer in this Tuscan-inspired retreat emphasizes symmetry and scale. The wife’s favorite color (blue) was integrated by painting the ceiling and incorporating blue in the intricate pattern of the floor’s stone medallion. Glamorous chandeliers create an intoxicating glow in the evening, reflecting light off of the glossy surfaces.

Mid-Century and Original
In the entryway of this Uniquely Bold home, the clients decided to keep the home’s stunning original door as a centerpiece. The Mid-Century style is emphasized with a vintage-inspired light fixture.

Your entryway sets the stage for the style of your entire home. Working with a professional designer, you can explore the ideal strategy for highlighting your unique point of view in the entryway of your new home or whole home remodel.