A Map to Great Design: Integrating Travel Memories in Your Whole Home Remodel or New Home

If you’re an enthusiastic traveler who loves to bring home mementos from your destinations, your new home or whole home remodel can be a beautiful gallery to share your experiences. Check out the imaginative ways our professional designers have helped clients find personal expression for their treasured travel memories:

Wall Gallery
For a couple who loves to travel abroad, the meticulously curated photos in this hand-crafted collage were printed on metal for a stunning and substantial impression in their dazzling seaside home. Displayed above a custom designed bar and wine refrigerator, this unique work of art is a reliable conversation starter and a vibrant daily reminder of global adventures.

“Floating” Shelves
In this Organic Modern kitchen with thoughtful architectural details, a custom built cabinet and shelves provides additional storage along with an artistic display space for the clients’ favorite pieces. They travel frequently and have collected quirky and fine art objects from around the world. While the shelves appear to be floating, they are actually anchored.

Colorful Staircase
In the Artistic Retreat of a world traveler, the front staircase’s individually selected tile patterns each recall a memory from the client’s globe-trotting lifestyle. The client and designer reviewed hundreds of hand-painted tile patterns and tested dozens of combinations. The client chose turquoise and blue as a continuous color theme, bringing harmony to the intricate variety of colors, shapes and detailing.

Photos, objects, and art we collect during our trips to other lands help us recall and share some of the most cherished moments in our lives. Working with our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals, you’ll journey through innovative ways to display your travel retrospection.